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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  2. This Natalie slander, though...
  3. The Mutya edition of Pointless Celebrities was repeated tonight.
    Queen taking over the BBC!
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  4. This is so satisfying oh my god
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  6. That's a great idea. They'd sound great on a Disclosure track.
  7. Yes please!
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  8. Lisa Maffia thinking Africa is a country is iconic.

    I don't know that they need to do this before the new album, personally I would rather Flowers was the last we heard until the actual single, but I am definitely down for them doing features of this natrue.
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  9. Yeah, I'm happy with whatever, I just thought it would be a rather great way for them to gather more streams and people being aware of them being back for real this time. Also musically it would feel like a nice sidetrack to their own discography considering most of their songs are rooted in UK dance music. Also would love it if they appeared on a Blood Orange project. But this is just me dreaming away. I'm just so happy, and I can live off of Flowers for now!
  10. Yeah basically what they tried to do with Lay Down and Entertainment but this time releasing them officially.
  11. This way of coming back is so clever. They are testing the waters, seeing the reactions and the sales and the headlines and then they can go from there. If this was a total flop then they didn’t lose much as it was a feature, a cute side project. If it does well, they exceed expectations and they win regardless.

    I don’t really ever comment on the other line-ups but their history is irreversible and each girl, label, manager/management and associated writers, producers etc have all had a part to play in their successes and failures.

    Right now, it’s the original line-up and they’ve released a track that’s probably exceeding expectations. Commenting on former members is still fine as this is the thread we have to live with but please don’t start comparing or using your desire for another iteration to beat down on what we have. Which is a whole lot more than nothing as we’ve had for years.

    Learn to enjoy this people.
  12. Exactly! I would even enjoy more collaborations with DJ Spoony if they wanna do that!
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  13. Ok on my umpteenth viewing of the performance, I’ve just noticed the cutest little moment between Siobhan and Mutya. 0:39 on the main YouTube video. The smile Siobhan gives her. My heart.
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  14. I could honestly live off a video of those little moments. There was a point in their Google Hangout where Keisha clicks her fingers and Siobhan is laughing and it’s the purest thing.
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  15. Can’t tell if these responses are being sarcastic? I was just making an observation...
  16. Also Linda Hamilton was so impressed by them, you can see her still clapping after all the other guests have stopped, and then being genuinely excited to saying hello to them when they got to the couch.
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  17. Is anyone here going to the DJ Spoony concert?
  18. So since Heidi is my favourite member i will speak on the matter. I dont feel odd seeing Sugababes without Heidi because... its nothing new. A) They'e done a whole era without Heidi before she even joined, B) They came back as MKS and did a chunk of promo including pefrormances, tour etc C) I got used to my life without Sugababes at all so seeing any iteration of them is just nice. I dont need Heidi in the band to be happy about Sugababes. Of course if one day she could be part of Sugababes (even for just a performance) that would be amazing but i dont really count on it or anything. At the same time im not surprised some people say they miss Heidi when they see Sugababes without her. I also understand why 1.0 fans find it annoying: they want to celebrate their band right now. But dont forget how many people over the years said how they miss Mutya (for example) during 3.0/4.0 eras and how Sugababes doesnt feel right without her. Some people feel the same now. So to both sides: please be tolerant and patient.

    That being said, i still have a small hope that maybe one day we'll see a bigger reunion: with all (or most of all) members. I dont think people would riot or that Sugababes would lose any credibilty with a single, performance or even a couple of gigs. Such a small reunion would lift a lot of the dead weight that over ten years of Sugababes inside fights left for us. But if it never happens - too bad. Either way, we're about to witness a whole new era for Sugababes. Let it be no drama version. Let it be no "lineup change" one. I dont feel like changing name to AllSevenSugababes. Even if seven is a lucky number.
  19. I'm addicted to Flowers. So well done, girls. Welcome back!
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  20. The First Lady of Terminator has impeccable taste.
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