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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Not trying to ridicule anybody, Georgina’s a legend! x
    Just for some context:
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  2. ...It was for Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan I fear. There were some tags for it at
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  3. I just remember her horrific mix of Boys. Mine quickly got more YouTube views than her - she was gracious.
  4. Soothed and refreshed by "Hole in the Head"...
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  5. This is highbrow performance art and you cannot tell me otherwise.
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  6. Boy thank God she never heard Shes A Mess!!!
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  7. I did a thread search of "Lesbian Party" and found this:

    What on earth...
  8. Its a SugaHalloween
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  9. Just wait till she hears Beat is Gone..
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  10. You guys got only like 10% of Georgina's iconicness and greatness. We at Russian forum got to experience it all.
  11. XXX


    + Side Chick. Whew! An album.
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  12. No love for Nothing’s As Good As You?!!
    Easily my personal favourite from Catfights.
  13. One of the strongest, especially production wise.
  14. I always loved the theatrics of Every Heart Broken and Sunday Rain. They're delightfully extra and hammy.
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  15. Can anyone take a guess what month next year everything will come out?
  16. At Christmaaaaass
  17. ha ha ha ha is it sad that I sang that on the actual first read?

    I hope it's earlier.
  18. The 1st of Soonember.
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  19. Only true fans read it like that.

    Seriously though, I sure hope not! They need to keep this momentum going! But also they actually write some of their songs and seek their own producers and sound so it may not be as quick.
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