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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. I’ve never seen this before, is there a full version? It sounds amazing:

  2. I think it was unlisted on YouTube when they originally shared it but thankfully it's on Vimeo.

  3. Perfect Halloween banger.

    Such a good song that funky instrumental with Amelle really killing it vocally on top. I'm glad we got to hear it live.

    But you don't wanna mess with me...
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  4. I can't believe I just read through all of that what even
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  5. After caning Flowers the past week, I'd actually prefer more songs in this style than the stuff they originally recorded as MKS. Some of it was very good but didn't really feel like 'them'.
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  6. Is she still an active user there? Why did she quit Popjustice?
  7. Apparently some of the demos that still haven't leaked had a garage sound so I assume it's something they were interested in exploring.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Solenciennes

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    If they’re gonna revisit classic Sugababes sounds then I’d love more trip hop from them, Stronger is a discography highlight because it blends the orchestral instrumentation with that underlying trip hop rippling sound and the self help mantra lyrics.
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  10. Give me more masterful, fuzzy, vintage-tech synth-rnb like “Freak...” please.
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  11. The great thing about all the MKS demos is they basically hit every genre the Sugababes, all lineups, ever did. Such a selection box of songs. And they're ALL GOOD.
  12. Yeah, they emphasised that the album would be eclectic in virtually every interview. They clearly knew their fanbase had/has very diverse expectations of them musically, and sticking to one genre would inevitably disappoint a lot of people. Plus, as they said, Sugababes albums generally were pretty varied, especially for the first two lineups.
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  13. I find it quite interesting that all of their music videos except for Follow Me (Prag how random) Home and two or three others were shot in London and a lot of you guys most probably live near by some of the locations without even knowing.
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  14. I wish I was in London, for the About You Now video. How cool to just walk by and casually see them do a video.
  15. D8281787-CA9E-4B59-9463-A4CAE3C1149B.png
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  16. And to witness that. The gift that keeps on giving.

    Siobhan’s words.
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  18. "Yes but what exactly do you, Mutya and Siobhan mean by soon?"

  19. LOL this sounds like something from a Ryan Trecartin film. Legendary stuff.
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