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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. She honestly is me watching them sing, open mouthed and in awe.
  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    That never fails to annoy me.

    This might help:

  3. Thank you, but I bought it on iTunes years ago when it was still available and then saved it on a flash drive which I’m thankful for today!

    So I’ve imported it on my iPhone. But it’s good to know basically the whole album exists in some form. Too bad Never No More and Loose Rap are two of my faves from the album haha!
  4. Well I just attempted to purchase the CD singles and the UK editions of Angels, Three, Taller and Change so I can finally have all those b-sides and exclusive bonus tracks and wouldn't you know it? They don't ship to my country. Imagine how tired I am...
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  5. Where do you live? I had the same problem at first, so I had to look for used copies on Amazon sometimes, and select after which of the stores shipped to my country...this sometimes made it a bit more expensive but usually cheap and every cd I’ve got so far has been in really good condition!

    Edit: the first and automatic choice for an album didn’t always ship to my country, so I had to change which seller based on their shipping policy
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  6. It’s been exactly two weeks since ‘Flowers’ was released and I still listen to it every day like crazy. What a triumph, ladies.
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  7. Also check out their fantastic thesis which features Sugababes and the interview transcript!
  9. I couldn't let a reference to Mutya's paper, cardboard and stationery trademark win without bringing this back...

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  10. The girls said they're working on something for the 20th anniversary. Could this be an acoustic album of all of the great hits in that style? It would definitely be something more than repeating the good old hits and it would let the girls shine as singers. Perhaps release a new song as an acoustic ballad (boys) while storming the clubs at the same time with an electronic version..... I would love that.

    Having said that, it'll probably be a new version of overloaded with About You Now, Get Sexy and Wear My Kiss shoved in, and a 1000 forumpages of discussion on wether Jade's version of Wear My Kiss is better than Keisha's.
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  11. I'd say there's approximately 0 chance they're re-recording 3.0 & 4.0 singles for an Overloaded re-release.
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  12. I’m sure it’s going to be a 20th anniversary edition of One Touch and then a new album and tour.
  13. kal


    Is... is this performance art?
  14. Whilst I like some of these there demand for a 20th anniversary of one touch? Yes, it is regarded highly amongst hardcore fans and overload is relatively well known, but is there actual demand for it to be rerecorded?
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    Even if it's a remastered One Touch. B-sides and outtakes too, please.
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  16. This is why we need it!
  17. Didn’t Mutya like a comment about them celebrating ‘all’ the Sugababes hits?

    An orchestral greatest hits (a la Sophie) with a focus on 1.0 / 2.0 would be divine.
    It would also be a handy way to reintroduce them and their greatness to the public in an age where traditional greatest hits aren’t really a thing anymore.
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  18. 7D50B446-9DEB-4585-AE20-EE0829167FD0.jpeg
    It’s either a hint or it’s nothing . As Mutya has been liking everything from fans ha ha
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