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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. So You Say is probably one of my favourite songs ever i iove the emotion and vulnerability it conveys. I would love a sugababes re-recoding of it!
  2. I have to listen to Siobhans albums. I haven’t heard any of her stuff.

    Teen me just couldn’t get over her leaving so I was very against listening to her solo stuff... adult me just hasn’t bothered lol. May get round to it soon.
  3. I guess it depends what kind of tour they were planning. Im sure they were fighting for the name to make bigger tours than their MKS one.

    Not that it matters at this point since they still have so much time to get everything under control and ready.
  4. You must.
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  5. Does anyone know the songs they did with Shaznay? Have they been leaked?
  6. I adore Ghosts but Revolution in Me is so deep and dark and raw in places that it just became my favourite album of hers. I have a promo of the album too as I was so desperate to have the album at the time I paid something ridiculous for it on eBay at the time!
  7. Boys and Summer of 99 wasn’t it?
  8. I think she had a co-write on Boys and Summer of '99. She also has a feature on Arrow.
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  9. All this silence again after there comeback buzz song...

    I can feel the flatline, that oughta be a wave
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  10. You're gonna be in for a treat
  11. She also did 'Only You' and 'Enough' I think
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  12. Now I see why this thread was left in the comeback corner.
  13. I feel like I’m going to actually scream.
  14. I knew I could hear her!
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  15. Makes me wanna scream, scream, scream, scream

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  16. Some people are hellbent on making Keisha look a) unprofessional and b) like a bully. There is literally nothing to that X-Factor rumour. She was always a special guest judge. There will be other guest judges, or have they all been fired too? And just suppose she was fired and this guest judge story is a cover-up, Keisha could sue the shit out of Simon for breach of contract. It would be another America's Got Talent PR mess. A disaster, really. And Keisha has a history of winning her lawsuits...
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  17. I’m sure it’s nothing bad. For all we know it could have just been a screen testing, and both producers and Keisha won’t happy with the outcome.

    I guess we will possibly see if she features when it airs . I don’t see why the show didn’t feature all girls helping out , as well as other groups (all saints / spice girls / girls aloud/ westlife / take that ). But I guess budget couldn’t afford every single member I guess .
  18. Keisha hasn’t been sacked. The tour is still going ahead and the 2020 plans are coming on nicely.
  19. A black woman was forced out of her own band, lost the only job she ever had/was passionate about and on top of that was publicly humiliated by her former colleagues who phused the narrative that she was "unbearable to work with" and that she had it coming. And yet the blond, white woman who got what she wanted and was able to continue a band she wasn't even a founding member of, is somehow the victim because her actions resulted in some kind of mild public backlash? White fragility honestly knows no bounds!

    Edit: If anyone is wondering, I was referring to a post that now got deleted.
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