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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Speedy. Thank you!
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  2. 'Album Sampler' is the real title of Sweet 7.
  3. Wonder is Jackée Harry still an MKS Stan? Wonder does she know about Flowers?
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  4. I didn't think it was possible for that woman to be any more fabulous.
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  5. I didn’t know I could love her any more.
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  6. Taste! Definitely one of my favorites from "One Touch".
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  7. Maybe the real Sweet 7 is the Album Samplers we met along the way?
  8. Mine is apparently Virgin Sexy...
    Which wouldn’t have even been among my first twenty guesses...
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  9. My 2019 Sugababes song is a fight with Run for Cover and Gotta Be You
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  10. Mines is Freedom. I would love to say someone else has been using my Spotify.
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  12. One Touch holds up incredibly well 20 years later. It's crazy to think they were in their early-mid teens when they recorded it. They also co-wrote all but three of the tracks. The talent!!!
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  13. Keisha’s just said ‘Never’ to the question of would she ever reunite with past Sugababes members - that’s a shame.

    She also said Taller In More Ways is her favourite Sugababes album bar One Touch.
  14. Whatever happens with this thread in years to come, let's never forget Heidi reflecting on the classic Mariah Carey album so sophisticatedly titled... Love Box.

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  15. Love her but Keisha says whatever suits at the time and in regards to who she is on speaking terms with.
  16. Nothing is ever set in stone, for example Siobhan said something similar about reconciling with Keisha a year before MKS reformed - but I think it’s interesting she’s taking a more hardline stance against reconciling with Heidi/Amelle after the MKS era where she seemed to keep it cute (correct me if I’m wrong)?

    I just assumed after all this time she’d be ready to move past it.
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  17. Keisha has made me so happy with that response. Stick with Mutya and Siobhan. Tour. Put out new music. Don't ever compromise again. I just want Sugababes to be the group I watched on The Graham Norton Show. That group.
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  18. She’s just said ‘Maybe’ to Beautiful Mess being released one day!

    I want MKS for the long haul too, but ‘reunite’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘reform’. It could just mean get back on speaking/friendly terms?
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