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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I don't think her comment means she hates/ignores Heidi and Amelle. It seems clear enough: she doesn't want to sing with them and she likes where she is now. Talk of other reunions when they're already together as a band can finally be put to rest, at last.
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  2. I wonder if she’ll answer my question.
  3. "How do you create a property empire?"
  4. Do you and Mutya still communicate using Ski language?
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  5. Good.
  6. She answered it. Dead.
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  7. What I would like to happen from here on : The Sugababes just remain as the original members, and beyond. No more changes , and no more revolving doors of members coming and going .
    It’s only going to reinforce the “the joke of member changes”, and I’m so over that . I feel the girls are going to reinvent the legacy here on .

    What I would prefer is in future interviews or tours the girls , when appropriate, they just acknowledge past members to make some of those fans happy.

    More focus on music , and less on members.

    Plus I’m sure all the girls are cool with one another, and have all moved on . However , some just don’t choose to work together again as they know it’s not good for them.

    I’m sure we have all fallen out with People , but made up . However , it wasn’t the same friendship and you both went your own ways in peace.
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  8. Exactly this. I think she also meant it in a positive way, as in this is it for the Sugababes. There will be no more lineup changes.
  9. She has mentioned Heidi and said that they haven't spoken in a while but the last time was all positive vibes. Hopefully that is enough for some fans.
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  10. Posted today by Keisha. 850B7422-33B4-4DE1-A3EE-B6C70696ABF4.png
  11. That puts my fears to rest then - happy to hear she has that mindset!

    I laughed at someone asking if we’d have a new Sugababes album by this time next year and Keisha just responding ‘Great! ’.
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  12. For the first tour back, I’d love to see About You Now. Then I’ll be fine with them retiring it.

  13. I do agree . It would be nice to mix it up , and not ignore certain albums . Perhaps 1-2 songs can be ignored .

    Can’t wait to hear About you now.
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  14. What do you think ? 54744A71-B3B1-4946-B75C-C88C46D4AA23.jpeg
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  15. kal


    That was my question!

    Also dead at whoever it was that asked her if they’d perform Get Sexy.
  16. [​IMG]

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  17. Taller being her fav album after One Touch though... eh.
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  18. #JusticeForThree
  19. Are there any other unreleased Sugababes tracks out there, apart from Killa on the Run and the MKS leaks?
  20. Keisha's commitment to pretending Sweet 7 and Get Sexy don't exist is admirable. Those answers had me cracking up.
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