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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. The final chorus of every song with Keisha’s ad libs is all kinds of amazing, though.
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  2. I love Girls. Its such a classy sounding bop. The high pitched chanting (GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS), great vocals from each of the girls during their parts, those trumpets. Its one of those songs that always make me want to dance, jump or just wiggle my butt while sitting.

    As for Keisha ad libs About You Now is one of my favourites along with Stronger and Too Lost In You (video version). If i had to point out a song where i dont really care about her ad libs it would be oddly...Push The Button. For whatever reason the final chorus doesnt seem as strong as the first two for me.
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  3. I think I wouldn't hate Girls if it hadn't been hammered so much on those Boots ads when it came out
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  4. About You Now is just an incredible pop song. It's sad how Sugababes are so underrated nowadays.
  5. It is, just not for the Sugababes.
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  6. Sugababes evolved many times with their sound so you cant really say any single was not for the Sugababes as it worked for that era of Sugababes.
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  7. About You Now is a masterpiece. Sits perfectly amongst their other number 1’s.
  8. True, and obviously it's all down to personal taste, but for me their music always had an 'edge' up until that point. Their sound may have evolved but it was always distinctive. About You Now was the point where I felt that it all became too generic and twee.
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  9. Isn't it "Newsweek, USA Today, look at Mutya"?
  10. Not sure about every culture but in Ireland (Mutya's half Irish) and I guess Catholicism we are given a First and Middle name then when you make your Confirmation you choose a third name which is meant to be a Saint's name, The uproar back in the day when I chose Damien as my Confirmation name cause I was so over the Catholic Church at 12 makes me laugh to this day.
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  11. I like it , and it’s a solid song . But I know I’ll be obsessed once I hear MKS on it .
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  12. I’d love if they threw us a little Christmas bone even an acapella like they did before
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  13. It's a nice pop song, but a masterpiece? I wouldn't go that far.
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  14. Are we still discussing About You Now and Girls?

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  15. And tomorrow Sweet 7 again most likely.
  16. I want to hear Shape again . Now that’s one song that’s not been performed in a long long timmmmeee.
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  17. Well let's force a subject change to a suitable song for this time of year.

  18. New Year is their best single.
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  19. Strange to see What If by Kate Winslet on that list it gets quite a lot of airplay at Xmas.
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