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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. GCZ


    YAS!! The girls are not here to play around - they are back. in. business!
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  2. For a sec, I really thought there were two keisha's there..
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  3. The looks as well!!! Shaking!
  4. Do a whole album with BOPNEK and BOPBA please.
  5. I wanna see Katy B and the Sugababes collab at some point

    Isn't Katy B also a big fan of them?
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  6. FINALLY!!! If they don't work with @biff stannard again, I'm gonna riot
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  7. Whoever did Beat Is Gone, No Regrets, Only You, Metal Heart, Open Book, Light Up needs to see them again..
  8. kal


    I really don’t get the love for Open Book. It’s so... basic.
  9. Give us another Drum-esque uptempo we deserve!
  10. That's quite a range of producers and songwriters I think! But all great songs. From the demos the only songs I don't like are Bye Bye and Champagne and Roses. I think Mr Hudson can do better than that! I'd love some more Biff, Tom Aspaul, Shaznay, MNEK (happening!), Iain James, Ash Howes, Sia, MOJAM obvi! I don't know why but I always thought Katy B co wrote Three More Days but must have been misinformed.
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  11. I didn't used to like Open Book at all but it really grew on me and now I love it! That chorus is stunning!
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  12. A fan page on Instagram asked who the girls should collab with, and some of the answers...

    Ed Sheeran, Bublé?
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  13. I think Ed Sheeran or whoever will give them a guaranteed hit. That’s all they need and then they can put out whatever they want! Fingers crossed!
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  14. Bublé? No thanks! He doesn't write songs anyway does he? I dont mind if Sheeran writes a song for them as long as he doesn't feature on it. His songwriting is rather basic though. I mean Rita Ora "Your Song" anyone? But it was a big hit. My impression the songs other people wrote for them without them co writing are the weakest. They are established songwriters. Especially Keisha and Siobhan so they need to stick with collabs with great producers and some co writers.
  15. Bring back Dev Hynes. I don't care if "Flatline" flopped it's still one of the best Sugababes songs.
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  16. if they work with Ed Sheeran I’m calling the police. I’d love to see them have some chart success but I’d much rather they stay true to their sound. I am beyond exited for new music from them all.
  17. I think the leaked album(s) show regardless of style or collaborators they always sound like Sugababes. I trust in the ladies to produce high quality music. And I’m so happy work is underway for a new era.
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  18. Like! Like! And a thousand times Like!
  19. Interesting!
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