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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Keisha updated 3 short videos, no sound, of her in the studio with MNEK/ KABBA.

    Talk about coincidence.
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  2. Subliminals return!
  3. Mutya is releasing something on 7th Feb

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  4. The best thing about getting my music back on my new computer is replacing "Mutya Keisha Siobhan" in my library.
  5. Always had them as “Sugababes”, but made a playlist called “MKS” with just their tracks/ live set list.
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  6. Flatline has been removed from Spotify and Deezer. The remix EP has also gone from iTunes, but the single and video are still there. Wonder why.
  7. I wonder what’s going?
  8. Those monsters! I hope it will eventually turn out as a Sugababes release, but right now I'm pissed off.

    Mutya Keisha Siobhan still exists as an artist on Spotify but the profile has no songs.
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  9. That's interesting. I guess they plan on including it on their album.

    Wouldn't they have the rights to record it again since they're the writers?
  10. I would hope they're just re-releasing it to be under 'Sugababes' on iTunes/streaming.
  11. What is interesting is that it's not supposed to be the same label they are now, right? So I don't know what relation it could have.
  12. I’m SO happy they’re writing with Karen Poole again.
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  13. If Flatline suddenly appeared on streaming sites under the Sugababes banner, I'd drop to the floor and roll around on the lino in joy. It would just feel...right, wouldn't it?
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  14. This is exciting indeed!! I'm hoping and praying that Cameron and Biff will be part of this era as well.
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  15. So are we all (more or less) in agreement with what the objectively best albums are? (Yeah, I know, music is subjective and all, but things like cohesiveness and general reception can be generally agreed upon) I mean, we all know that Sweet 7 is the worse, whether it’s a “diamond in the rough” or not, what we have is pretty bad.

    From what I’ve gathered Three is the more popular of the 2.0 albums and Catfights has always been called underrated so much that it’s a pretty cold take.

    Change, Taller, Angels and One Touch all have their fans, but they don’t generally seem to be the favourites. Taller’s length means that there are a few fillers. Change is filled to the brim with bops, but the writing was a little basic in places. Angels is fantastic, but it falls off a bit after Shape, those tracks seem to have a more mixed reception. One Touch is very charming, but it is definitely the second most dated sounding after, ironically, the most recent album.

    From what I gather (if we took everyone’s rankings an averaged them out), it seems, to me at least, like the rankings are like this:

    - Three

    - Catfights & Spotlights
    - Taller In More Ways
    - Angels With Dirty Faces

    - One Touch
    - Change

    - the other one

    So, are we all, pretty much, in agreement that Three is the best? (Catfights/Taller are my favourite’s, but Three seems to be a little more popular)
  16. I wouldn't call One Touch ''dated'' since it stood the test of time for me and I imagine it still seems... relevant as long as there are teenagers experiencing the emotions the girls felt when they wrote it, I wouldn't put it higher than Three (which I think it's their best album overall) and Taller (which I enjoy more) but it's a solid album and one of the best debut albums.

    Sweet 7 remains an outdated trash though.
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  17. If they're on a new label and have aquired the rights to Flatline from Polydor, then Polydor would have to take it down, with the new label hopefully reuploading. I can't imagaine it's really worth their while buying back the rights to one seven year old song though, but if they decided to buy back their old unreleased recordings for future use maybe Flatline was part of the package? Or Polydor have just decided to capitalise on the Sugababes name and reupload it, presumably requiring the girls' permission.
  18. One Touch is definitely considered their best album, particularly by the Sugababes themselves. This is a good article about why that album is still their best. I'm not sure about what would follow. Three, most likely.
  19. I’d say their ranking would be:

    One Touch
    Cat fights and Spotlights

    Taller In More Ways

    Not Bad, But Dated
    Sweet 7
    Angels With Dirty Faces

    I personally appreciate each album and don’t think they had a truly bad album. Each fit the time frame they were released imo.
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  20. I used to really love the Angels With Dirty Faces album.
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