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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Don't call me sissy I'm a babe.
    @Mvnl it's a classic now
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  2. Solenciennes

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    They were tipsy and having a blast so it was... something... to see the same inane questions and types of comments coming up in the chat, whether it was various “will you come to____?”, “do you remember me?” or “what about Heidi??” but anything I would have wanted to ask Keisha wouldn’t have been appropriate when she’d clearly had several wines, ie about songwriting and artistry.
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  3. I’m obsessed with that Keisha’s orange look!
  4. I'd love them to work with the guys behind Gorgon City. In fact Ready For Your Love would have been a great Sugababes song.
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  5. Keisha and back of cabs is my fave combination in life.
  6. kal


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  7. I mean just out of interest - does anyone actually have a real desire for the other formats to reunite?

    I genuinely thought we were past this stage, focussing on the OGs reuniting?

    Their comments on insta were very ambiguous, though not surprised.
  8. Can someone please upload the live insta?
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  9. I only have this so sorry guys:

  10. I wouldnt call it smart tactic and not honest for starters. Just come out and say you've moved on and now want to focus on current/original lineup. Thats all the answer they need. Celebrating just One Touch will sound silly when they'll perform 2.0 and maybe even 3.0 songs which Keisha teased already.
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  11. Mutya is a whole mood! Thanks so much for the snipped. It makes me really uncomfortable that Keisha was made to justify herself like that. It's just not right...
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  12. I love that Mutya was in that clip posted above for all of 15 seconds and was still iconic as hell. A true queen.
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  13. Thanks for the clip :)
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  14. Um they have but...during the entire MKS period. “It’s about this line up/ the Originals / it’s just about us and no more changes”. They said that during red carpet visits. So I guess maybe they want to word it in a different way?

    Either way people are never going to stop asking. Despite having the best answer/ repackaging it/ or being honest.
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  15. I bet they’re more pissed at the fact people on here leaked they’re music.
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  16. That is funny enough... very true! Lol!
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  17. I wonder if they will work with: Cameron McVey, Jony Rockstar, Paul Simm?

    A Overload and Run For Cover part II type song.
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  18. Mutya pissed is me pissed. I stan so fucking hard.
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