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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Island

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    I thought that could've been Girl Thing?
  2. I'm missing the connection. Is there a story of a Sugababes' mom coming in asking for the mic to be turned up for their daughter?
  3. It sounds like Girl Thing. Betty Boo had the misfortune of trying to make them a thing. They were not a thing.
  4. Aww, that’s so nice of Queen Mutya!

    Jade really got the short end of the stick but I do feel that, while she didn’t suit 2.0 material (which neither did Amelle, let’s be honest), she suited 4.0’s material.
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  5. Only one thing for social distancing, watching live Sugababes performances.

    I can across this one and hadn’t seen it in so long...

    Does anyone remember them also doing Beware during the same tv show? Can’t find it on YouTube, they performed with seats...
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  6. So a good few months ago now the jellybabes cover that I made was discussed on here again, and after that I received a few PMs asking if I could upload the cover again. As I tend to access the forum on my phone and the images were on my PC I completely forgot to do it. However, I was reminded again this week, so here it is. I made a back cover for it too. The tracks at the end were either made up by me or rumoured to be on the album before it was released (I can't remember now). Anyway, here it is:


  7. Would you ever make an updated version with the additional singles/member?
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  8. Still absolutely love this!
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  9. There was a different US video for Hole in the Head?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. So it's just more performance driven.
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  10. I love everything related to the Hole in the head videos. So hypnotic. The 13 years old in me is coming back to life with this US version. I only knew the original and the Rockamerica remix.
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  11. Remember when you first made this, it was suggested by someone two of the heads be bit off? Did that version every come to fruition? (I'm manically laughing right now.)
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  12. Heidi looks fantastic! Her mannerisms are badass!
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  13. Epic! How do I still remember this? Lol
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  14. YES! SugababesUK 2006 days.
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  15. This version is fine but it makes me roll my eyes, because there’s nothing wrong with the original.

    I remember in the early/mid 2000s, any British act trying to crack the US felt the need to reshoot their videos (Leona Lewis comes to mind), but they really didn’t have to!

    I just know some US label/management exec would have said “let’s re-cut it without the boyband in case America gets confused about who the Sugababes are.”

    It’s pretty clear who the Sugababes are! The girls wrecking the stage in their over-the-boots was one of the best parts, and I really liked the narrative of the cheating boyfriends/band members!

    Anyway, rant over.
  16. Watching the nothing burgers getting grilled rather feebly, repeatedly, was what it was like as a US fan - London waited too long (Summer '01) and by the time they were about to try Run For Cover as a single (after Overload didn't work,) Siobhan was already out the door. Interscope tried three times in 2002-03 with Freak, Round, and Freak again - apparently that Interscope (Universal imprint) was merely lip servicing the tip sheet to US radio was supposed to count for something, or some other shit - identical to their repeated failures at US radio with Sophie's Murder on The Dancefloor - anyway - bungled bungled bungled.

    That 'Hole In The Head' sort of gurgled (US R&R CHR Top 30) was weird as fuck as also happening was the launch of Mis-teeq's 'Scandalous', with a really crappy 'US Mix' that managed to hit #10 on said R&R Chart. Anyhow, as it was climbing (no pics in any promo, as Americans supposedly get squishy when presented blended ethnicity) - so so someone at interscope got this brilliant idea together that they were going to create a hybrid album out of Angels and Three and that's where that infamous US Version shit started to surface AGAIN and that is where Whatever Makes You Happy was being eyed for (and was remixed for) single release only to have Hole stall at Number 23 (Billboard #96, #1 'Club Play', at the time a '$elf reported' rather than actually metered chart) and nothing else going forward. But yeah, a hybrid album with no photos.

    Push The Button. Should have happened. We waited. Perez Hilton even bragged about it and them. Crickets. Then Mutya's gone.

    About You Now wasn't even attempted. Girls got used for Desperate Housewives promos. Get Sexy was belatedly starting to happen when.....Keishagate happened.

    They are pretty much an underground commodity here in the States - people know they're supposed to know who they are and you get a lot of 'oh yeah, totally' when someone is trying to seem cool. I think they're going to have a much easier time today for a number of reasons not the least of which is that they've had such an run of halfassedness on their labels part and that will make killer background buzz when whoever tries with them next. Add the whole name and Polydor drama, their own personal dramas, their very distinct individual personalities, and their almost freakishly perfect vocal skills and seriously, America will fall in love with them.
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  17. It’s such a shame that Push the Button was the first lead that wasn’t tried, because if any of their singles could’ve broke through here, that would’ve been the one. (About You Now could’ve done it to, but we got the iCarly version instead lmao).

    I’m sure it didn’t help with Hole in the Head that they tried to “rebrand” them by removing them from the cover? The generic three silhouette cover literally looks like something ready to end up in the FYE bargain bin, which it absolutely did. I picked it up for 88 cents there a couple years ago. The remix included was also horrible.
  18. Ok the US fans are breathing fresh new life into this forum right now and it's brilliant!
  19. I would disagree that Push The Button would have been a hit here in the states. Underground hit, maybe.
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  20. Amazing post, but this specifically is fascinating - was the remix just on production and length, or were they going to add Mutya and Heidi's vocals (besides harmonies) to it as well?
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