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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys you may have seen on the socials for Sugababies Media the upcoming podcast account but wanted to reach out here too re the #sugababeschallenge. Whilst we are in isolation or distancing let's stay connected and do something fun and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Overload and One Touch. The idea is to record clips of yourself lipsyncing/miming to Overload and then we can make a fan made video! Get your children, spouses and pets involved (at a safe distance offcourse!) Dress up, dress down, do whatever you want! Will be great to have your participation and involvement from fans all over the world. Sugababies on the run y'all! Time to turn up the fun y'all! ❤️ #sugababeschallenge #20thanniversary
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  2. Yes Keisha! appreciate that massive bop!
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  3. kal


    Mutya yelling at her daughter on Instagram live that she can’t have a monkey because she can barely look after herself is exactly the type of entertainment I needed tonight.
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Mutya and Keisha have been live together singing stuff and taking requests for the last hour or two.

    Someone requested Ace Reject and Keisha said "NO ACE REJECT!" Her complaint is that, although she wrote her own verse on it, she feels like it's too long and "goes on for four days at least".

    Also, someone requested Unbreakable Heart. Mutya asked Keisha "Is that one of yours?" and Keisha said "No, I think it was a demo" ddddddddd.
  5. They are absolutely hilarious.
  6. Mutya sang Never Gonna Dance Again and it was everything!
  7. The look Keisha just gave Mutya when she mentioned November and said "Not that we have ANY plans for November."
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  8. This is the only issue I have with Keisha. Ace Reject is a masterpiece and the fact they dislike it is proof that God does not exist.
  9. The thing is I shared the same opinion as Keisha about Ace Reject for a long time. Then last year on some random moment Ace Reject clicked and now I can't stop playing it.
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  10. What a great couple of hours!
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    What else did they sing?

    I hope someone requested Virgin Sexy for a kii.
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  12. It was such a nice distraction from everything that's going on! I also loved your little chat with Mutya, @Blayke. I was howling when i realised that you're in a drive thru!

    One thing made me uncomfortable though: I´m so fed up with people constantly bombarding Keisha with "questions" about Heidi and Amelle but I´m really glad that she stood up for herself and finally said what I´ve been stating for years:

    Keisha: „Just think back through the Sugababes experience. Just think about the „why´s“ and „how´s“ and peoples departures and then ask yourself: „Would that person want to sing with that person anymore? Tell me why you think that would be a good idea?"
    Mutya: "It´s definitely not a good idea"
    Keisha: „Hello? Does anyone remember my departure? I mean WHY? Why would I do that?“

    And I would like to ad the question: Why would Heidi and Amelle want do that?

    I felt really bad for Keisha once more because it´s obvious that this behaviour from „fans“ is quite hurtful to her. PLEASE STOP! It´s rude and unnecessary!
  13. It was super cool actually!
    I love when they start to tell little stories from back in the day and give away insight stuff, both were quite funny and yeah some request or the constant same questions are extremely boring. Keisha‘s reaction was priceless during the whole time, for example when Gotta Be You was mentioned, she was just like no, same goes for Flatline not gonna happen. Also Mutya said no Mutya songs haha

    Wish the second part when they talked about Japan etc. was up somewhere or did anyone record and upload it maybe
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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm guessing they needed Siobhan to actually pull off Flatline?
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  15. They sang

    The Boy Is Mine
    Real Girl
    Situation‘s Heavy
    Conversation‘s Over
    Ace Reject
    Gotta Be You
    Killing Me Softly
    Say My Name
    All Around The World
    All Women

    and more, obviously mostly parts of it not whole songs.
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  16. But people have said they didn’t sing Ace Reject or Gotta Be You?
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  17. Can everyone please message Keisha about "How Many Drinks"? She said we should let her know if we want her to drop the rehearsal video from years ago. It would be epic to finally have it in full and HQ.

  18. kal


    At one point I asked her:
    Are you tired of people asking for MKS versions of other lineups’ songs?

    She didn’t say anything. But I know she saw it because the look she gave was just priceless. Some people will never learn though.
  19. I missed the video thing, but it sounds like it was quite interesting. I hope someone recorded the entire thing.
  20. Even though im a all six members stan i would never ask them questions about that as i think its just rude. On the other hand they need to simply ignore these questions and carry on. Its something they will never be able to escape from. Every lineup over the years was asked about previous members, their solo careers and so on. Even though some of them are current members while some are past they still share the name.
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