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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Oh my god, I’m screaming but my unbreakable heart is also breaking a bit for this flawless song.
  2. Also, someone asking them to sing ‘Punching Out by Jade Ewen’. I can’t.
    I know it was “ a joke” but sis iťs not like them even know about the leaked demo.
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  3. Hilarious they don’t even know their own discography.
  4. I was getting Starbucks after a morning workout - hence looking horrendous. It was a lot of fun, but felt awkward being live because I did not know how/what to talk about in public. Sugababes obviously is one topic, but I think having Real Talk with our Real Girl was more fruitful. I didn't record it though, but take NOTE about what we spoke about water is better than paper!

    I was a bit naughty for egging Mutya to sing Never Gonna Dance Again, but glad I did!
  5. I hope someone recorded it.
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  6. I need receipts!
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  7. I love it. I just love it.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Someone should’ve asked Keisha to sing her iconic Girls middle 8.
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  9. kal


    One of the most iconic and hilarious moments was when someone suggested they sing Situation’s Heavy and Keisha sang the following:

    “Now the situation’s... over?” to the tune of Conversation’s Over. I cackled.
  10. Why can’t these be recorded? I’m missing all this while I’m at work haha
  11. Well maybe someone could tell Mutya to put it up again, I think that‘s possible with those live stories/chats right?
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  12. The first hour is now on YouTube:
  13. Thanks! Managed to source it. Omg they are so bad at their back catalogue it’s hilarious.
  14. He


    Mutya sounds so great. I'd love to hear her belt a bit more like that.
  15. Keisha talking about her rap in Blue and More Than a Million Miles. Hilarious.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ddd I'd stan if she did the rap in Blue and More Than A Million Miles.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Was Mutya talking about recommending Chloe x Halle to Keisha?
  18. I remember sending Keisha a DM about ‘Disturbed’, and she really said ‘I hope I don’t sound ridiculous I don’t know who this song is. Sorry to this song.’
  19. I can’t with Keisha and Unbreakable Heart and Ace Reject though.
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Bookmarking this for my commentary if @beyoncésweave ever reruns the Sugababes rate xx
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