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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Honestly such questionable taste!
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  2. I mean... They've recorded so many songs over the years across all lineups. We've probably never even heard half the demos they did. Cant blame them for forgetting songs.

    I feel like it would help if they performed the entire album at least once. Sadly they nevet did that probably except One Touch (id imagine they've performed the whole album back in 2000-2001 but i might be wrong)
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  3. My reaction when Keisha hates most of their songs I love =

  4. Like, one of the best Sugababes b-sides.
  5. He


    I screamed.
  6. At this point I think it’s just easier to ask Keisha “what songs do you like?”
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  7. I would argue the best.
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  8. Keisha asked Mutya my question about what songs she thought should have been single's, Mutya didn't really know and Keisha started telling a story about a song they recorded in Atlanta I'm fairly sure she mentioned the title and the producer(?) she said the label deemed it "too R&B" so it stayed in the vault. I wish I could remember exactly what she said but I'll be honest with you I was joining Mutya in indulging in the green club so the whole thing could have been a fever dream.
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  9. Someone You Loved
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  10. I really need that How Many Drinks video. I just know that their vocals on that track would slap so hard.
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  11. I know Keisha is a Sugababe/wrote the songs, but she is WRONG about the Sugababes.
  12. Have you messaged Keisha?

  13. Hope someone will record this one too - I’m busy.
  14. Yes, but she hasn't responded.
  15. Still no Siobhan?
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  16. kal


    Great. Guess I’m not sleeping again.
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  17. Hopefully no Ace Rejects, Red Dresses and Flatlines this time.
  18. What’s wrong with requesting ‘Flatline’ of all songs?
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  19. kal


    Ask Keisha.
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  20. So who will be joining the girls later and do we have any good questions from their past but also future of course?
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