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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Is it bad that I want the answer to this?
  2. I really don’t think the fact that Keisha’s black has anything to do with the entertainment value of those photos. If it was any of the other girls it’d be just as amusing. I, obviously, recognise that there are sometimes racist undertones to people’s amusement, but in this case it seems pretty evident that it’s down to familiarity with the subject.

    I don’t want to start a racism debate because the rejection of casual racism is great. But this feels particularly targeted, baseless and unwarranted. It diminishes actual attempts to call out casual racism when it’s misjudged. It’s fine to not find something amusing, but chalking it up to racism is a little excessive
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  3. Are you white?
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  4. He


    When it comes to a woman who has dealt with so much racism in her career (press and fanbase alike), then I think it is fine to be suspect of people's actions. It doesn't take away from calling out racism in any form to just be, you know, careful.

    It must be so exhausting for Keisha to even be reminded of things that might have fed on those racial assumptions. It was extremely telling when she mentioned on the other livestream that she's always been "the good one" but was always portrayed as anything but, there was almost a pleading tone to her.
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  5. Sis.
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  6. Anyway,
    I adore Jaimie Lee Curtis.
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  7. This is interesting and goes to show how things can be completely misunderstood online. I run the Sugababiesmedia account which is for a podcast I am making celebrating 20 years of Sugababes. I replied to a covid comment from my friends who run the ultimatesugababes account. It was just a bit of banter nothing serious but apologies if people don't like humour during these times and we all cope in different ways. Also we are doing a #sugababeschallenge video on Skype tomorrow and Saturday to Overload to make a fanmade video whilst were all isolating and distancing to stay connected. That's a nice thing right? Please join in! As for the Keisha Memes on About You Now set it was great to hear her take on it. It does make me think twice about ever posting it again I totally get the racial issues both her and Mutya have faced in the British tabloids in particular which is completely unacceptable but my understanding is that the fan made meme that followed is just a laugh and most fans enjoy that. However if the pic of her being "animated" with Paul on set was published in an article calling her "fierce" or saying she had an "attitude" then I totally understand why this shouldn't have happened. Anyone know if that happened at the time? I'll see if I can find any articles.
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  8. Maybe you're right and maybe I'm uber sensitive on that matter. It wasn't my intention to target anyone. I think it's good to have these conversations though.
    I just wanted to express that I personally don't understand the enjoyment people seem to get out of these photos (which were taken in private moments). Especially considering the bigger picture @He described.

    Regarding Jamie Lee Curtis, I guess I also don't understand why the idea of an opinionated, strong willed woman is so entertaining to people.
    For me it has to do with sensitivity. Regarding everything I know about Keishas history and how she was portrayed, I find it hard to laugh about something that plays into the stereotype that is hurtful to her. But I also recognize that other people may not necessarily make the same connections and just see something funny in these pictures that I don't see.
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  9. Appreciate You ❤️
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  10. Thank you, that's very kind!
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  11. As Queen Keisha would say "It's all Love" ❤️
  12. So did no one recorded the livestream?
  13. I love how Keisha hates how long her Ace Reject verse is when In the Middle's verses are so long too.

    Also, the girls need to know how much of a BANGER Down Down is.
  14. To nobody’s surprise she said ‘In The Middle’ is one of her least favourite singles so...
  15. Catching up on the Q&A now.
    So sad to hear about what they had to go through RE: the racism of the press, though it's no surprise.
    I had never thought about what that must have been like for Keisha to go from sharing the brunt of that racism with Mutya to having it all on her own (especially when Mutya leaving caused line-up changes/in-fights to become truly 'their thing' in the press).

    As for the About You Now video set photos, I do think it's just kind of a funny thing to see of anyone (like the Jamie Lee Curtis photos for example) - but there is definitely an undertone of racism with the way they are used. I'm assuming they were originally published by tabloids trying to sell a 'Keisha is an angry black woman' angle, when she has confirmed she was just speaking passionately and likes the guy she was speaking to in that photo. So I completely understand why some people might be sensitive towards them.
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  16. Wait has Siobhan left again?
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  17. No
  18. No, she's with her family during the outbreak of a potentially fatal disease.
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