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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. So sweet to hear their comments about Heidi. @35:35

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  2. He


    I love Keisha was trying to avoid any controversy or Mutya being blunt: I'm not talking about LEAST favorite member!

    PR queen.
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  4. It was the only right answer to be fair, Heidi is a massive part of the babes history.
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  5. They don’t like the xenomania songs do they?
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  6. The thing people need to understand is that Mutya and Keisha grew up listening to R&B music/singers so I think it's just that pop isn't their favourite genre of music, and the Xenomania songs they did are pretty much THE most poppy songs in their discography.
  7. He


    Yeah, I think they just don't feel a strong connection to them because it would not have been their sound of choice, and also their creative contribution was limited.
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  8. When Push The Button came out, Heidi became the image of the band.
    Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan, Heidi have what it takes to be the front runner.
    That's why they are all loved or respected.
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  9. I think all girls are amazing in their own way. Perhaps the line up changes have brought life to the band, and giving it a fresh image each time.

    But I am hoping here on it is just MKS. It is time for just consistency here on, and oozing out that talent they have.
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  10. I'd love them to drop a sneaky 15sec clip of something they have done recently (pre corona).
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  11. I wonder if Mutya and Keisha have been reading some of the Heidi-bashing comments (specially from the MKS fb group) because it feels like they're defending her and her input in the bands history.

    Aside from that Heidi really was the obvious choice since they share so many good memories. 2.0 was the golden era.
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  12. I still dream of holding that next album. So curious what name they’re going to go for.....

    Yeah yeah soon and something special <beat you all to it>.
  13. They're most definitely not! They're just responding to the "what about Heidi? "- comments they constantly get. "Why would I want to work with that person again? " was also a response to that btw.
  14. I mean, no one can say why they're doing it. I do know that Mutya is part of 'that group' so might see some of the comments about other members but who knows. Keisha could have just wanted to have some fun and asked Mutya to see what she would say.
  15. Exactly. I shouldn't need to say this but Heidi isn't in the group anymore. They've got the line-up they want (also the line-up I want), their name back, and the flawless vocal harmonies unheard of in other versions of Sugababes. Imagine wanting drama in a group that served us this on a platter:

    If someone kept asking me about people I worked with over a decade ago, strangers now, I'd be slightly bemused.
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  16. I would agree but with comments like Mutya: "Heidi spend a lot of time in the Sugababes, there's no way you can disrespect that fact" or Keisha: "We know what made the Sugababes and we definitely respect her time with us" sounds going a bit beyond the simple question "whos' your favourite replacement"
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  17. I think it was more of a "let's give them what they want, so they leave us alone"- situation. What they said is certainly true: They can't disrespect the fact that Heidi was a part of the Sugababes history and a part of their more successful years. That's it really...
    Regarding their history I also think that especially Keisha should not be pressured into praising Heidi in any shape or form. She has some dignity too and her "why would I want to work with someone like that again" really said it all.
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  18. kal


    Yeah, I think fans are too selfish in their desires, and often forget that these are 3 real women. People like you and me. Just extraordinarily more talented than we’ll ever be.
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  19. 00F4BF0A-23FA-421E-B811-705EBE97BC8D.gif
    Here we go again.
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