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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Technically Siobhan’s head wasn’t photoshopped on to Heidi’s body but ok.
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  2. Why is this in the UK Top Hits? Our girls' version should be the only remake out there getting streams. Annoyingly, it was released the same month as DJ Spoony's album. Sigh.
  3. Is there youtube channel ever gonna be in order? Half of the videos are like 144p, they look like they were ripped from an enhanced CD.
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  4. I know right. It’s a hot mess, and scattered.

    An official account, with all their videos up to date.

    I’m sure they are working on it, and Flatline will drop back on the new account?
  5. So is Siobhan!
  6. Oh dear.

  7. Mutya is doing an episode of this podcast about mental health / handling highs/lows in the music industry.
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  8. OOOOH I need this. Popjustice, please post the link when her episode is up!
  9. Never change Mutya

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  10. I absolutely am! Haha
  11. Screenshot_20200403_205312.jpg
    The fact that the year they'd finally be ready to start their comeback, a global pandemic takes place, is just their kind of luck.
  12. kal


    I’m not sure if it’s their luck or our luck. But it sucks.
  13. There's nothing we can do about it. At least it doesnt feel as bad with the leaks we've got. At best its just few months of delay. At worst probably next year id imagine
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  14. I never knew Spiral is everything I needed in life!
  15. I’m having a Sugababes music video day, enjoying them in order.

    OMG I know it’s been said here before, but WTF is with the quality of the videos. In the Middle looks as though it’s been downloaded from a Nokia 3310.

    I’m rather gutted that I have lost my Overloaded DVD.
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  16. The amount of bars on Keisha’s Instagram account is giving me anxiety.
  17. Still slightly miffed that Love In Stereo went to Bananarama, it was one of MKS' best songs.
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  18. Mutya to host the next coronavirus briefing please

  19. I'm not even British, but that's my president.
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  20. Anyone a fan of “my love is pink”?
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