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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Liberate yourself cause freedom starts tonight!
  2. I do enjoy Freedom. The 7th Heaven Remix was good.
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  3. STILL love Freedom! I will never understand why it was forced to be a Free Single!
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  4. i think I'm right in thinking the pre-orders were so awful RCA cut their loses, essentially dropping them from a one-single deal.
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  5. .. do you and Siobhan listen to the song together?
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  6. Freedom is a banger. I remember seeing the video on a lot of music channels and liking this new vibe from them. I always wondered how far along they were with the "first" 4.0 album, but by that point I remember everyone had basically checked out.
  7. The video is nice, and compliments the song very well. Reminds me of freak like me meets girls.
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  8. it was desperate for several decent, clear shots of all three of them but overall I enjoyed it.
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  9. I'm a complete Freedom enabler. The drop and tinny production are very of its time, but the sense of euphoria, Jade's ad-libs, that chorus... Sugababes 4.0 started making sense, the three of them brought something special to the song, but they just weren't the Sugababes anymore - at all.

    And I know the video was heavily panned for being boring, but it's so beautifully shot - the color grading, the closeups, Jade's Kimberly Wyatt leg-moment, all the slow-motion hair-flipping, Amelle and Heidi's scenes together... the budget was probably some ramen noodles and a hug, but it all looked pretty.

    It deserved better, but looking back it completely made sense to end it there.

  10. Freedom was a great song but it shouldn’t have been released under the Sugababes name.
  11. I was never convinced with the 4.0 line up. As odd as it may sound, Heidi didn’t really suit the group at that point.

    Amelle and Jade looked good together.
  12. I had a dream that some American radio edit of In the Middle was playing in my car. Even dream me was confused.

    My body’s tired
    It’s freaky but I’m ready for this bumpy ride
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  13. Well, she was the next to get replaced if we go by the pattern.
  14. This is true. Her styling during the Sweet 7 was all kinds of wrong! That horrible hair and denim dress.
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  15. Good thing it wasn't! (Until that random Sony compilation)
  16. Mutya just was on IG Live for two hours. She said that 2020 is pretty much canceled and that things will get delayed to 2021 (no surprise). She also made clear that she would never sing About You Now. About a Girl also isn't her cup of tee and wouldn't have happened with her in the band. She thinks that Heidi has a good voice that is best suited for musical theater. Siobhan is an amazing singer.
  17. kal


    So good to finally put this to rest.
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  18. Talking about putting things to rest: she also said very clearly, that she won't sing any Sugababes songs from line-ups she wasn't a part of.
  19. There is a conspiracy that she was going to be replaced by Kerry Katona.
  20. Devastated!!! (Change-Denial-No can do- about you now- my love is pink).

    Well Keisha can sing them with Siobhán, while Mutya looks on behind the curtain complete with side eyes.
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