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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. It’s so hard to pick a favourite (impossible, perhaps) but Love Me Hard might just be that bit more sublime.
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  2. I go back and forth between Love Me Hard and Only You. Both are just too good not to get an official release. Such a vibe.
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  3. Those 2 are vying for my favourite of the MKS era, alongside Beat Is Gone and Fly On The Wall.
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  4. I wish they got burnt out, or 3 more days Instead. I liked that they got an MKS song, and it was a tribute to our girls in a nice way. But Love in stereo is a banging pop song, and I would have loved if MKS released it. I just love the lyrics, and their vocals on it.
  5. Double post, but “too in love” is just moving me today.
  6. Fly On The Wall?????
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Fly On The Wall hardly ever gets a mention.. Wasn't it done with Katy B? I hope it's one of the good ones
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  9. Just popping in to give 'Paradise' the mention and the love it deserves, one of my favorites of the unreleased tracks.
  10. Let’s make it easy. All the MKS stuff was kick ass!
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  11. True.

    Except Champagne and Roses
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  12. Ha ha I love that song!
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  13. kal


    Champagne and Roses is MKS doing Miss Everything.
  14. Yes! And I feel like Garage Flowers is them doing No Can Do really
  15. Not sure who they did it with, but it doesn't sound at all like Katy's style.
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  16. She’s also announced she’s launching a YouTube Chanel tomorrow where she’ll be uploading more stuff. Great to hear her voice as always.
  17. Paradise and Light up!
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  18. A billion MKS songs have leaked. I'm not sure why people in here are bringing up the 0.00003% of songs that haven't leaked to the masses yet.

    ...what reaction do you want?
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  19. kal


    Don’t listen to @Holly Something. It’s not that good. Nobody is missing out from Fly On The Wall not leaking.

    I'm all about No Regrets, Beat is Gone, Summer of 99, Metal Heart, and Drum.
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  20. Someone mentioned their favourites of the leaks they've heard so I posted mine.
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