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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I‘m assuming it’s videos of her doing acting stuff?
  2. Love this! Would definitely love to see more studio behind the scenes
  3. I love hearing Keisha speak. She seems like such a humble perfectionist, so I'm glad she now feels comfortable to share more through her videos.

    Also the throwback pics and clips made me realise how beautiful she has remained over the years. What a woman.
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  4. Ugh she's such a delightful personality. I could listen to her talk all day!

    Scream at her using her trademark "get better not bitter" quote.
  5. I would love Keisha to do videos of her watching the babes music video clips and commentating on them.
    Think it would be a great insight into what actually went into making them etc.
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  6. Jade joining Mutya tonight* as a Pointless Celebrities contestant!

    *not on the same show, obviously
  7. You knew what you were doing wording this like that, you little devil!
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  8. Mmmmm... I love Keisha, but... dddddd.
  9. Keisha is simply a gorgeous woman.

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  10. I think Keisha is amazing and am glad she is finally putting herself out there (which is curious, given she's already famous). Either way, glad she got "over" her fear and is going for it.

    I've always found it so curious when people who are beautiful, talented and have resources don't do some "DIY" things themselves, and keep things (career-wise - not that they necessarily need it) going when one side of things starts to go down or stagnates.
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  11. I used to have an audio album for their Amsterdam Showcase performance - anyone know where I can find this?

    It was around their Overloaded/Easy era?
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  12. You‘re most definitely talking about the Pepsi Stage showcase from late November 06 am I right? I also low-key remember that being available in audio form but couldn‘t tell you were. But there‘s footage of it, the whole gig has been filmed so you have that :))
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  13. Yes. That’s the one. The footage is so hard to come by now. It’s no longer available on YouTube.

    I loved their performance of Run for Cover, Sharp/Stronger/Shape and Too Lost in You. They sounded great.

    I now have the audio :)
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  14. I have somewhere Easy performance from that gig. Its really good
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  15. A Siobhán Sweet 7 concept - the jewel we never knew we needed! :D
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  16. Sweet 6!
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  17. Heidi’s size looks abnormally huge, but love the artworks when they’re all together.
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  18. GCZ


    Can anyone tell me what Mutya sings in the first two lines of Light Up? It sounds to me like she’s saying “oh baby don’t play (or blame) me” - and then I can’t decipher what she says next, or even if she says that at all. Does anyone know?
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