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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I think it's:

    "Oh baby don't blame me
    Understand we were a meaning of chance"
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  2. Does anyone know what Mutya sings in her first lines of "Arrow"? I swear I'm hearing "I took a nun".
  3. I think it might actually be "meeting of chance" rather than "meaning."
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  4. I hear "I took a love," but I am not sure that makes all that much more sense.
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  5. Happy Birthday Mutya yesterday
    Happy Birthday Heidi tommorow

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  7. Last night I dreamed Sugababes come visit me to my house waiting for a gig and I asked humbly to sign some of my cds. Keisha threw Three out of the window and I laughed. Then they signed a lot of cds and I was like awww thank you so much! They all were so nice and sweet. I wish I had more dreams like this!
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  8. According to Freud, this dream means your favourite song is 'Twisted'.
  9. I would raise the bet with disturbed
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  10. Me currently trying to distract myself from everything at the minute by reading random Sugababes singles reviews from over the years and I come across this nn

  11. I wonder if the girls will do more livestreams with fans? Can someone ask them about Around The World? The rumoured first single from Angels before Freak was released? I wonder if it really exists or is it just one of those Sugababes urban legends
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  12. Ooh this is new to me!
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  13. They won't remember, I'm sure.
  14. Indeed! I cannot remember what I had for breakfast, let alone one project I worked on over 15 years ago. We have this ‘obsession’ over the Sugababes as it is wonderful trivia to us, but for the girls - this is/was their life so I really doubt they’ll remember specific things like this, especially considering how many obscure things they’ve already been asked and couldn’t think of an answer to...
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  15. They don’t even know their lyrics, so doubt they will remember anything. Sometimes it’s selective memory as well on their end.
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  16. Choreography??? The effort of their dance during the Get Sexy period was -1 lol
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  17. Quarantine disrupting their promo duties all the way back in 2009?
    Even at their worst, they were ahead of the curve.
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