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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  2. I always thought that this video is incredible stupid and I'm kinda sad she felt the need to defend herself. That she had to put up with all this coded racism, whilst remaining so calm only shows what kind of total professional she's always been.
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  3. Going to dig out my broom and paint on some Mutya baby hairs, brb.
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  4. I had mixed feelings to Keisha’s shade video. I enjoyed her banter, and her explaining everything, but there was also a deep sadness. Just knowing all those years how Keisha was made to look like a horrible and evil diva, would do something to you mentally.

    It was kinda funny but very awkward at the same time her watching that “Keisha diva moments video”. I’m just glad that I didn’t make that video as I would be feeling really shady and embarrassed.

    Gold moment - Heidi’s ambulance like vocals and seeing Keisha’s face.
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    Ddd channel Mutya's hair horns instead!
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  6. Keisha comes off very well in that video and I enjoyed every second but inevitably she sounds like she's making excuses by the fourth or fifth explanation. That said, the meEeEeEeEeEe reaction made me laugh out loud. It does highlight how she really was vilified for the sake of a cheap laugh by interviewers by the time Amelle came into the picture. Part of me wants to say it's down to her being the only original member but... I think we all know better. Anywho, I want more reaction videos, preferably to their music videos.
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  7. Keisha and Mutya were really treated unfairly from the press. It’s obvious why and I hope someone gets to interview them on their Frank thoughts on the matter.

    And I agree, I think as a band, Heidi and Amelle let her down on the regular when she was being essentially demeaned in public.
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  8. This part really upset me when watching her reaction. The Popworld interview where Simon Amstell asks Amelle if Keisha hits her in particular has always made me uncomfortable, but knowing that she wanted to cry after he said that makes it much worse. I loved the reaction video though, and it make me like her even more as a person.
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  9. No idea how Simon Amstel even got a job in tv. Worst interviewer, and was cringe whenever I saw his videos.
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    I'm surprised she cut off the Popworld video before she was like "she knows she gotta say that"
  11. Yes. This.

    The shadiest moment was when she removed Amelles hand from her leg, but i will take the other shade haha.

    I’m living for Keisha at the mo, she is serving every lewk.
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  12. She doesn’t come across as good... she just is good, clearly!

    There are zero shady moments in the montage if you ask me.

    I really felt for her after the Popworld interview. I remember at the time thinking it was sort of funny but just no. So much is wrong about making her look like the bad cop. Like someone said so much coded rasicm.

    Love that she explained the better line up part as well. That was the only awkward part for me to watch. She explained that perfectly I think and it was really nice to hear her say she had fun with the other girls. Kuddo’s to her!
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  13. I like that she did this video. It would be fun if she does album reactions, rates her favorite albums/songs and react to music videos from the Sugababes catalogue.
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  14. Sis I was literally doing this 18 years ago!
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  15. Working on it.
  16. He


    I'm kind of shocked Keisha has such a low Instagram followers number. They were such a huge girl group! But I guess none of the members broke through individually and that is why?
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    She said she was going to hold her hand but Amelle removed it at that same moment, so it looks awkward. And if you see it that way, it does fit.
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  18. People send her that gif a lot, thinking it's funny. She always gives an explanation... It's clear that the negative way she's perceived and portrayed is something that hurts her quite a bit.
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  19. Success!!!!

    She’s thinking about it as she reposted. EC56953E-1F48-4FA7-B8B6-A02F52F684AA.png
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  20. I love her channel and that she did the reaction video! She's really put herself out there! I have no issue with the shady video I think it's all in good jest and clearly made by a Keisha and Sugababes fan. Nothing wrong with being up there with the greats such as Madonna, Mariah and Nicki to have her very own shady/diva moments video! She laughed at most of it but it was touching to hear her experience of some of the interviews. There was definitely structural racism underpinning her portrayal in the media however Miquita and Simon on Popworld were notorious for taking the piss and they were usually entertaining. I'm sure they meant no harm to Keisha at the time but hearing how upset Keisha was he shouldn't have said it. Interesting that Keisha implies here she would have liked more backup from Amelle and Heidi here too and she is right however it was one of the first 3.0 interviews and they all seemed nervous and didn't know what to say. For her to go and and say she had the most fun recording with Amelle and Heidi is incredible. Really great to hear that as a fan! I love how she's letting people get to know her through her channel. She is Queen Kiki!!!
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