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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Me too, I've been dying to hear the full version of Three More Days.
  2. Where can I hear this?

    Are all the other songs the same versions?
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  3. Same!
  4. Jesus Victory is a fucking revelation. Mutya slays out of the gate, Keisha throws a punch - and the harmonies are unfucking real (Siobhan is as always flawless and necessary) and the I went to war for you rush doesn't wear off quickly and all I can think is these girls get fucking fucked by their label on a Badfinger-level of ratfucking. They also could unleash one hell of a record if the world's not careful. Alas i wish it could be this.
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  5. I need to hear these please.
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  6. and my old man memory can't remember who did 'Today' - was it MNEK?
  7. Today was written by Gifty Dankwah. MNEK worked on it but I´m not sure if it was originally his. I think he mostly worked on already existing songs!? There´s a version of Three More Days for example that has a piano break-down bridge that was done by him. Or the version of Boys Biffco previewed a couple of days ago on is IG story...
  8. Which is the one leaked wasn't it?
  9. Victory is pretty huge. They could have had a hit with it at the time I think. Especially as a comeback single. The more I hear of different tracks, the more I feel Flatline 100% wasn't the correct lead. Live and learn I guess!
  10. kal


    YES. Best Mutya verse and delivery out of the entire bunch.

    Also, @Jasper47 I will come back with my interpretation of the lyrics later today.
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  11. I take back what I said just... Flatline comes on and I'm hooked back in. That outro...!
  12. ssa


    Back until a couple of years ago I'd have been the first one to find any leaks.
    I am getting old and out of touch with new developments in the leaking world. I feel lost.

    It's sad.

    I really like you all though, you know?
  13. I just teared up listening to Beat Is Gone... so beautiful. Possibly my favourite MKS track ever!
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  14. Did I miss the train on these? Searches locate squat all.
  15. Join the MKS Facebook group. It's GREAT!
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I thought this thread uniformly hated the MKS Facebook group...
  17. But it's GREAT at certain times of the year. Remember a few years back at Christmas. That was epic. This morning too.
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  18. What is thename of the facebook MKS group? I cannot seem to find the correct one
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  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    A bit like this thread, then.
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    • I don’t have Facebook...
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