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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. This is so extra. Thanks! Just thinking about hearing all of those songs in HQ makes my heart race.
  2. I thought I would share my track list, and my reasoning for the order:

    01 Victory
    02 Love In Stereo
    03 Drum
    04 Love Me Hard
    05 Metal Heart
    06 I’m Alright
    07 Beat Is Gone
    08 No Regrets
    09 Today
    10 Summer of 99
    11 Too In Love
    12 Lay Down In Swimming Pools
    13 Back In The Day
    14 Flatline

    15 Boys [Bonus Track]
    16 Burnt Out [Bonus Track]
    17 Three More Days [Bonus Track]

    I think the girls would have aimed for the track list to have some type of narrative, so that’s what I have attempted to achieve. Themes of love/passion/longing for tracks 1-4, and then a transition into themes of heartbreak for track 5-7, and then finishing off with themes of reflection (of past loves/relationships??) for tracks 8-13.

    They closed with Flatline on the Sacred Three tour, and I think it makes a good closer here too.

    The rest are just bonus tracks, all of which I like (including Burnt Out), but I don’t think they fit into the narrative I was going for.
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  3. Wait, so not only are there new leaks, but the old leaks are now in better quality?!?!
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  4. I've gone back to Victory a few times.. i adore the different ways the sing 'victory'...
  5. Metal Heart is the best of the new leaks.
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  6. acl


    Are these floating around as mp3s?
    Can any one help me out...pleaseeeeee
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  7. Amazeballs... though my speaker is not loving the bass...
  8. I don't really know for sure. I haven't listened to compare between them, but I quickly compared the spectrum analysis which can sometimes be a good tell-tale sign and the only one that appeared to be better quality based on that compared to it's previous leak is "Boys" and the version of "Entertainment" they included appeared worse. I guess the version of "Entertainment" they included is the one sourced from the Soundcloud stream but there's a higher quality version too. Everything else was the same.
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  9. Beat Is/Has Gone if released today would still light up the charts a tad, I guess.

    I fucking love the production, chorus and obvs the girls on this. I'm so grateful for these new songs. Siobhan's voice never fails to give me goosebumps.
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  10. They have taken down the link. Where can I find the new leaks?
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  11. Built another home
    Trying not to self-destruct
    Who wants to be alone
    I'll try to keep the music going
    Did you read my mind?
    Cause you played out all my fears

    Damn, Mutya.
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  12. kal


    WASTED TEARS ❤️❤️❤️
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  13. Oh God this will probably kill me. I haven’t even listened to the new tracks yet but I’m already thinking about the track order. I can easily spend hours and hours arranging and re-arranging track lists. And then do it again another day. Another week. Another month. Another year.

    The MKS stuff has been one of the trickiest ever. I’ve done numerous versions but never seemed to get the flow just right. So I’m kinda scared to see how the new ones will affect the whole.

    If you don’t see me around for a couple of days please send help. Ta loads.
  14. Sis I love them too but this is A LOT. Just put them on shuffle and let the universe do the work. I’m sure all of the songs will sound as good since it’s MKS and you clearly love them.
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  15. Oh no, what have I missed!? I've sent a request to join that closed group but have the links gone already?
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  16. I agree completely, dear, you speak wisely. I love them to bits and will probably always put them on shuffle anyways. I should just let it go. But then the obsessed side of me rears it’s Ugly head and I start dreaming about What the perfect released album would sound like. Ok. Must stop that train of thought immediately. Like right NOW. Well maybe I could just try for five minutes or so...
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  17. Siobhan wrote that for Mutya, she cried when she heard it, one of their best ever verses.
  18. Ah that’s sweet. The girls do have something very, very special together.
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  19. Can someone direct me to or send me the links? Help a good sis out.
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