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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Same. Joined that group but the links were taken down because of us lot apparently.

    Edit: It's now where muzic matters.
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  2. It's a treasure chest of what-should-have-been. The best album of 2014 four years late (and unmastered). The only struggle is what would the official lead single be? They have a killer selection of singles 2 thru 7 but the big first impression is the challenge.
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  3. kal


    A properly finished Drum or No Regrets would have made a KILLER debut single.
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  4. Is it called Beat Has Gone or Beat Is Gone ? Different places say different things.
  5. kal


    The file I got was named Beat Has Gone but I think it’s a mistake.
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  6. My favourite song from MKS is still Summer of 99. Would love to hear the other version one day. It’s such a good song.

    Also I wonder if this is it for leaks from them? And now we will have to wait until they actually come back officially with new music?
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  7. Sounds like they always sing "is" to my ears.
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  8. kal


    No lies detected.
  9. Wha..where...when...?!
  10. Beat Is Gone is really among their best, in any incarnation.
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  11. This collection of unreleased songs is their best work, in any incarnation.
  12. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the best three tracks across all of the incarnations are No Regrets, Ace Reject and Too Lost In You.
  13. No Regrets is just insane.
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  14. Can I just say holy shit. Beat Is Gone is a monster of a song. Here's hoping they get to officially release it at some point.
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  15. I like 'No Regrets' a lot, but I still feel that 'I'm Alright' is the highlight of an incredible collection that is head an shoulders above most output.

    "Victory" currently the favourite of the new tracks, struggling to get 'Beat is Gone' as much as some others.
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  16. The initial collection of MKS leaks is quite possibly my favourite Sugababes album, so these new tracks are such a treat. "Beat Is Gone" in particular is gorgeous.
  17. I've been up since the crack of dawn and unable to sleep, so I decided I'd just make a stupid throwaway lyric video for Metal Heart. Keisha clamped down on it instantly, and something interesting caught my eye.

    It says that the notice on the video will expire on February 15th 2019 (which coincidentally is a Friday). Usually these notices don't have expiration dates.
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  18. I'm struggling to find these... could someone help me out please?
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  19. Hmmmm I wonder . Sugababes make a return ?
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