The struggle is real being a Sugababes fan. I know I used to pit the girls against each other in a negative way, but I would like to think I’ve grown out of it now and accepted the reality with maturity. Which I hope some , especially the ones older than me , can eventually do. Of course here and I make a joke , but kill a bloke with a sense humor.

My last opinion, and I’m just going to be moving forward by celebrating their comeback :

Jade is a Sugababe
Heidi is a Sugababe
Amelle is a Sugababe
Siobhan is a Sugababe
Keisha is a Sugababe
Mutya is a Sugababe

All six members have worked hard, and contributed to the band.

You can love whoever you want.

Amelle- Jade - Heidi = not currently ACTIVE as the Sugababes

Mutya Keisha Siobhan = currently ACTIVE and are the present Sugababes

Now that’s reality.

Enjoy the next chapter, and be thankful enough they even bothered to come back at all. Don’t be a diva, and just enjoy their passion which is music.
*No Heidi shade - I like Heidi*

Had Siobhan not left and Sugababes continued as that lineup (so no Heidi), which 2.0 songs can you easily hear Siobhan singing on? I can't picture her singing on Freak Like Me or Round Round but there are a few tracks where I think she'd have sounded amazing on;

Just Don't Need This
More Than a Million Miles
Caught in a Moment
Conversation's Over
Follow Me Home

That said, I think the group would have potentially drifted in a slightly different musical direction had Siobhan stayed but who really knows.

I'd love for them to perform some of those above tracks in future live shows though.
I don't think the public really cares about which members are in the Sugababes. If a song is strong and catchy, they'll listen to it anyway. If a song is not.... well, you just have to look at Freedom (not strong) and Flatline (not catchy).

Flowers is strong and catchy so I have high hopes for the girls getting some well deserved success.
JEEZ! What has been going on in this thread? It's so 2009. Does it really matter who is the best Sugababe or who they think should be in the group? Just celebrate that Sugababes are active again regardless of which line up it is. Really they have come full circle back to where it all started nearly 20 years ago. I think the timing is right. Regardess of the drama and line up changes over the years that should all be forgotten now and that people just celebrate the present not what could have been