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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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  2. Solenciennes

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    If they’re gonna revisit classic Sugababes sounds then I’d love more trip hop from them, Stronger is a discography highlight because it blends the orchestral instrumentation with that underlying trip hop rippling sound and the self help mantra lyrics.
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  3. Give me more masterful, fuzzy, vintage-tech synth-rnb like “Freak...” please.
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  4. The great thing about all the MKS demos is they basically hit every genre the Sugababes, all lineups, ever did. Such a selection box of songs. And they're ALL GOOD.
  5. Yeah, they emphasised that the album would be eclectic in virtually every interview. They clearly knew their fanbase had/has very diverse expectations of them musically, and sticking to one genre would inevitably disappoint a lot of people. Plus, as they said, Sugababes albums generally were pretty varied, especially for the first two lineups.
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  6. I find it quite interesting that all of their music videos except for Follow Me (Prag how random) Home and two or three others were shot in London and a lot of you guys most probably live near by some of the locations without even knowing.
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  7. I wish I was in London, for the About You Now video. How cool to just walk by and casually see them do a video.
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  9. And to witness that. The gift that keeps on giving.

    Siobhan’s words.
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  11. "Yes but what exactly do you, Mutya and Siobhan mean by soon?"

  12. LOL this sounds like something from a Ryan Trecartin film. Legendary stuff.
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  14. Iconic.
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  15. XXX


    Amelle's vocals are soo good on that song. One of her best performances.
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  16. The gag when I realized the Sugababes filmed in my hometown for my least favorite single (“Ugly”).
  17. Feels! Keisha’s adlibs on that track are so euphoric.
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  18. Ha ha ha I would be so bad in music videos . I’d be too busy laughing , and unable to keep a straight face.
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  19. Catching up with this thread and this made me scream.
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  20. YouTube recommendation today:

    2.0 visiting a girl who is making a ‘pop pizza’ based on Heidi’s face whilst Mutya films it with a hand-held camera, before they lip sync a performance of Caught In A Moment to a group of largely indifferent children. Ending with Keisha trying to get away as soon as she possibly can.
    I miss the noughties.

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