It would be so cool and random and very surreal if they would have they‘re comeback performance on German television. There‘s one particular show that immediately springs to mind, that some of you might know "Die Ultimative Chartshow". I‘m not sure if I‘m completely right but I think it airs once a month or maybe once in two months or so and each and every show has it‘s own theme.. Like biggest 90‘s hits, the most successful Girl group songs etc. they also have a countdown and multiple artist that are featured in it, are performing in the studio and some of them are even getting interviewed on the sofa afterwards, wich can get quite funny sometimes.

The show has a very nostalgic feel to it and it brings back a lot of artists and groups and they‘re biggest hits. I just think it would be the perfect platform for a start and kind of reintroducing them as a group. I‘m still surprised Mutya was never a guest.
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Push The Button was by far their biggest hit here in Australia, but I definitely remember hearing Overload, Round Round, Hole In The Head and In The Middle on the radio quite a lot as a kid.
Oh you're right, sorry for the mix up.

I just got curious and checked their chart positions in Germany:
One Touch was their highest charting album, and Overload their second highest charting single there (after Push The Button).

I mean...

Wow this was creepy now..
Merkel double post right there..!

I tried to post a picture of her with an unimpressed face to highlight your comment saying they‘re success in Germany is one of the few things that makes you proud being German. Go Angie!
Loving the 2001 version of Just Let It Go. I wonder if it was planned for single number 5?

Also have Spotify labeled Little Lady Love wrong? The ‘non remix’ version is the same version that appears on the New Year single as the About 2 Remix, and the About 2 Remix on the anniversary addition is the ‘new/old/original?’ version. Has the Anniversary Edition got the tracks mixed up or was the New Year single labeled incorrectly as the About 2 Remix?
All the new tracks and alternative takes are incredibly strong. Dare say it's even stronger than the b-sides we already had. There's a stunning alternate One Touch album here and the quality is on par with the original.

I really need them to sing Always Be the One with their adult voices. They would kill those harmonies.
This is a gift. An almost dizzying amount of content. The demos are delightful, and fit in very nicely next to the B-sides; “Little Lady Love” in particular slaps. The remixes, despite their unevenness, are all genuinely different takes on those songs and can at least be cached as cute acknowledgements of people who have supported the MKS project. The alternate mixes are the clear highlights for me—all of them uniformly great? With a laidback, almost lounge-y vibe to them. “Promises (Acoustic Mix)” and “Just Let It Go (2001 Version”) especially are… welp.

To think that we’ve lived with only the album and a few other tracks for 21 years, and suddenly this vast trove of music appears to expand that universe in so many different, lovely ways. Like a love letter sent from the past; how strange and wonderful.
I'm listening to New Year (Non Christmas Version) now. Whenever they are signing "at Winter", it sounds like a different recording?

Or am I just so used to hearing "at Christmas" that this sounds odd to my ears?