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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. kal


    Nope, guess it's gonna be a surprise.

    Honestly, I expect messiness. I just hope there won't be too many people asking about Heidi.
  2. I want them to be top 5. They deserve it, but I guess that won't happen, not even with Spice Girls 25th anniversary of Spice.
  3. Thank god Siobhan signed my overload cd
  4. Seems like they might have rescheduled?

    Mutya's ig story already has like 30+ videos so sending fans there is an absolute scream.
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  5. kal


    It's gone? They saw my post and were like "ok nah".
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  6. #dead ha ha

    I would love for Siobhán to really do one, but it doesn’t seem to be her thing to do it alone.
  7. Haha! Mutya hosting a Q&A, on no, wait she isn’t haha.

    Would we really expect anything less at this point?
  8. So have they cancelled the q and a?
  9. If she ends up doing it, I hope someone asks what comes after Metal Heart.
  10. kal


    Ditto, but I think she's smart not to. I think all the comparisons to Heidi, and the number of people negging her on bothers her, as it does a lot of us. So I guess, for the sake of her own mental health, she's better off not doing it.

    To be fair, I doubt we were gonna get any new information. It was gonna be mostly variations of:

  11. kal


    I promise to ask this, if it does happen.
  12. And if they are offering more Overload signed CDs, please. Hahahaha.
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  13. Sing a Madonna song!
    Omg do a Britney cover now!
    omg you’re Mutya!
    Sing something!
    Where is Keisha and Siobhán?
    omg omg omg love you!
    Will Heidi be on the next album?
    where is Amelle?
    Sing red dress!
    what’s your favourite Lisa Scott Lee song?

    why isn’t Heidi on the album/why wasn’t Heidi included on one touch?

    When will you release Never gonna dance again (I would be okay with this one).

    I am expecting these type of questions no doubt from some of the fans
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  14. I think I remember that it's you who always bugs them about Red Dress. Haha...
  15. Nah the last person to get Mutya to sing red dress was “sugababies account”

    I believe they should do red dress in their future tours, but don’t go barking on every Insta live asking for it.
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  16. "What's your opinion on Jennifer Lopez?"
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  17. kal


    And Kylie?
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  18. "What do you think of cheating, lying bastards?"
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  19. On it!
  20. This!
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