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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I can't believe it. Literally, I can't. Barely any promo and a twenty-year-old album hailed as an iconic British classic? I pray it keeps a high position, but of course we've all been here before...
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  2. Ahhh, I hope it stays! A new peak would be brilliant let alone one in the Top 10!
  3. It's certainly holding better up than I thought.
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  4. I hope there is some more promo on the last 3 days before the chart is released
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  5. There won't be!
  6. Just proves if they want to release a new album and tour, they can clearly score a top 3.
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  7. I am impressed for an album that's over 20 years old, and can I say minimal promo, it has done very well. Imagine what a new album would look like with actual full-on promo.
  8. I've imagined that at least once a week for the past 9 and a half years!
  9. they’re conserving their energy for all the promo they will do for the new album next year ;)
  10. I think both the label and the girls will be happy with how this has gone. It's a really interesting experiment to essentially reboot a dormant fanbase with a reissue like this and see where the land lies - and way more sensible than coming back cold with an album of new material.

    There's a real, sustainable market for decent legacy acts now in a way there just wasn't when they were MKS, and you only need to look at how well recent campaigns have gone for the likes of Steps/Sophie/All Saints/Kylie etc etc to see that it's possible to give fans what they want and for artists to be creative and playful. I hope all this has given the girls a bit of confidence going into 2022.
  11. The fact that they nailed this rerelease so hard. It's honestly stunning in its heft, breadth, attention to detail, fine touches. Finally something worthy of these three.
  12. The fact it’s #8 today really shocked me, in the best possible way. I was expecting a big drop today as Monday’s update was so charged with fan preorder sales. I feel inspired to order something else in the hope it helps keep them within top 10! Does anyone know figures between #8 and #10?
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  13. A friendly reminder to redeem your digital download(s) that come with whatever edition you have. It apparently contributes as a 'purchase' for the album.
  14. Didn’t they sell at lest 2500 copies? Just going by the numbered Overload singles. Plus a couple cassettes and some streaming. In this climate it’s all not too shabby.
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  15. Just done this for both of my vinyls! This would be a great way to get a few hundred sales added.

    Does anyone know/run the fan insta pages? It would be great if they could remind other fans to do it.
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  16. oh trust me most of the fan pages are on to the passion!

    I am going to keep it on the safe side and stick with a top 15 chart peak (but of course I would be over the moon if it did peak top 10). At the end of the day the album received its time in the sun again, and we know at least it will out peak 26# (which is just as amazing). The album did what it needed to do......
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  17. It's such a great response. The sales counted from the 'Overload' singles (2500; and more) and cassettes are also only sales directly from their official store; not including iTunes, Amazon and all the music retailers across the UK. I'm curious to see how many copies of this album has shifted.

    They should be so proud, regardless of the number!
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  18. 74DAC7F6-8A38-4D35-A047-37192396BC04.jpeg
    1996/2500 (iconic year).
  19. "The Other Side" reminds me of "Colder in the Rain" in spots.

    "All Around the World" should've been an Inuyasha ending theme.

    The alternative takes of "One Touch" are really interesting, but the original album version still has the best sensitivity and harmonic choices.

    "Run For Cover" is still among the best songs ever written.
  20. Went into HMV at Westfield this evening and they did not have a single One Touch format on display - I only spotted one damaged vinyl hiding under the S - odd.

    They did however have plenty of copies of the new compilation at the entrance and they were even blasting it at the store. I bopped hard to Thank You For The Heartbreak.
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