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Finally finally FINALLY listened to the Amazon bonus disc and oh. my god. One Touch - Alternative Mix is just so good. Between C.R.E.A.M. Remix and this, i wonder why they went with the most boring version for the album…
I don't think a re-issue is quite on the same level for TV bookers as a new studio album, greatest hits or tour. When was the last time you saw someone promoting one alone?

Well you‘re not wrong but still a handful of actual TV performances wouldn‘t harm anyone and there‘s always a first, so they couldn‘t do anything wrong really.
I had no idea Liz Collins photographed the cover. She was also responsible for this seminal 2000 pop release

Finally finally FINALLY listened to the Amazon bonus disc and oh. my god. One Touch - Alternative Mix is just so good. Between C.R.E.A.M. Remix and this, i wonder why they went with the most boring version for the album…

I’m loving the alternative mix as well! It’s so cool!
Mine finally arrived (even though the vinyl has already caused a little rip out of the case). It’s gorgeous! I don’t know why for some reason I thought the remixes would be on there too, I’m thinking I might have to buy the Amazon version now, I didn’t think I’d have any interest in a CD, but forgot I could bop to it in my car, specially it’s got everything on it! I’d probably be tempted to swap the signed Overload CD for it.
As has been said, daytime tv promo wouldn't have been that beneficial. Radio 1/2 (they can score with both demographics! Whew, the talent!), SongExploder, Apple Music, Genius etc. (with a view for listening/watching these episodic materials on Spotify/YouTube/On Demand streaming services) is the kind of creative promo outlets that reap bigger awards.
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I will be super happy if it manages a #13 position somehow.

#13 is where the legendary Run For Cover charted in the UK, and it'll be one spot higher than Sweet 7 which would then make that their lowest charting album. So I guess that would be a nice (one) touch! Not a dig at 4.0, I didn't mind that album... it just wasn't Sugababes.

I have mixed feelings about the way the week has panned out with regards to the release. I know it's a re-release, and less of a 'new album' kind of affair (where we would expect TV interviewers, performances, mid-week variants etc) but I think how the sales have been left completely frontloaded is a bit of a shame when even simple things like reducing the iTunes cost yesterday could have given them more of a bump of late week sales (it's currently at #128..) or, like has been suggested already, signed copies of the vinyl or CD.

It's mainly been fantastic - I cannot fault the design, package, colour editions of both vinyls and the 4 cassettes, along with the expanded CD etc. Credit to the girls and the team for putting it together so incredibly well! I just think London Records are a bit behind the times when compared to other labels at the moment. I know not every record label / band releases music for the sole purpose of solidifying a top 10 spot (hell, it peaked at #26 in 2001, and we all know it was worthy of a #1!) but I think this would have been a perfect opportunity and celebration to get this fantastic (and absolutely iconic) album into the top 10 where it always deserved - just for the history books.

With that said, I know deep down that chart positions don't really matter, and I'm just thrilled to have the girls back. I've been playing the album and all the extra material non-stop this week, which had made my heart happy!
It's too late now anyway no? They'd have to be announced today AND ship today to count for this week.

For physicals it's definitely too late (Tuesday or Wednesday would have been best for that), but anything downloadable would been fine up until 11.59pm tonight (like a reduced cost iTunes / Amazon download, plus bonus digital bundles from the website). But as you've said, if the whole London team and the girls are happy with it all, that's all that matters!
I think some of the expectations around this release are a bit skewed. London is basically a back-catalogue label now; this is a cash-in, albeit a very well thought out and care-filled one. This isn't Kylie or Steps throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a high chart position because the album is really loss-leading promo for a tour. They aren't gonna slash the price or throw out last minute variants that won't actually make them money. I'm sure they'd much a rather a top 20 with healthy profit margins, than a top 10 shifting copies at barely above cost.
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