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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Surprised they still haven‘t visited Lorraine.
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  2. Quiche on Lorraine, could you imagine.
  3. GCZ


    Just received my copy of the UK Amazon 3CD edition! Woo!
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  5. Surely they could have done the one show or something? I’m surprised this hasn’t happened?
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  6. ADM


    Do TV appearances require budgets? Something they probably don’t have, which might not bode well for this Sony talk, unless the current ‘campaign’ is exclusively with London and post this will be something more substantial with Sony..

    I don’t know what I’m talking about really.
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  7. RRS


    Hopefully saving the promo opportunities for the new material.

    Well I can dream, can’t I?
  8. I've gone ahead and typed up Shiv's Q&A. (And I'm totally not bitter at all that she didn't answer any of my questions.)

    Siobhán Donaghy
    : Today I’m answering your One Touch questions! What would you like to know?

    Q: Is there a track you loved that didn’t make it to the album?

    Siobhán: I always thought ‘Little Lady Love’ deserved more of a moment! But honestly, I can’t imagine a better tracklisting than exactly what we recorded. [hug emoji]

    Q: Which track from the album were you most able to relate with while recording it?

    Siobhán: Weirdly, I would say ‘Overload’. Both lyrically and sonically, it pretty much perfectly sums up the alternate reality that was school work vs Sugababes work.

    Q: Best memory of the whole experience? ❤️

    Siobhán: I always come back to the karaoke room in Tokyo with the girls where the head of Warner Music sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Which was swiftly followed by an earthquake! So random. [grinning squinting face emoji]

    Q: How does it feel to see One Touch doing so well in the midweek charts? ❤️

    Siobhán: Number 6 in the midweeks blew my mind!

    Q: How was the final track list decided?

    Siobhán: I believe between Cameron McVey and Alfie Hollingsworth and Tracy Bennett at London Records. Which I think was for the best, as our heads would have been spinning, trying to cherry-pick from all those demos!

    Q: Which of the album tracks would you have liked to have been released as a single?

    Siobhán: It’s always been ‘Promises’ for me!!

    Q: One Touch had the raw charm of a demo, in its authenticity. Is that a sound you’d revisit?

    Siobhán: I think generally that is our signature sound. We collectively hate it when our vocals in particular are auto-tuned, and/or over-treated. Perfection takes the soul out of it! It needs some rough edges now and again…

    Q: Did One Touch influence the work/sound you did for your first album Revolution in Me?

    Siobhán: Not really, to be honest, but I worked with some of the same writers and producers, so that definitely comes through!

    Q: What song on One Touch did you most enjoy writing?

    Siobhán: ‘Look at Me’ is always going to be memorable for us, as it’s the first time we all contributed on the writing, and that was a breakthrough moment!

    Q: Did you consider re-recording old One Touch demos for a future Sugababes album?

    Siobhán: I don’t think that ever works, annoyingly. No matter how hard you try, I think there’s always a bit of magic in the original takes that you can’t recreate.

    Q: Who came up with the album’s title?

    Siobhán: I don’t know! I’m guessing another decision at the label. But I love how it can mean so many different things, and also that it’s named after a Don-E track. He was very instrumental in getting us harmonising the way we do. And we’re forever grateful for that! If I remember right, we naturally fall to a minor third harmony, or something like that… [zany face emoji]

    Q: In your opinion, what aspects from One Touch let the album sound so current and fresh today?

    Siobhán: I think live instrumentation was key, and this especially made it stand out from other pop acts at that time!

    Q: What were your thoughts on the Japanese and U.S. cover art for One Touch?

    Siobhán: I don’t remember us being in clued in that decision-making at the time. I’m still not sure why it was necessary, but it was cute. ‍[brunette shrug emoji]

    Q: How old were each of you when you started recording One Touch?

    Siobhán: Mutya was 12, and Keisha and I were 13. [mind blown emoji]

    Q: Hey Shiv, what’s your favorite video from the One Touch era?

    Siobhán: Somewhere between ‘Run for Cover’ & ‘Overload’.

    • ‘Overload’ was the only music video the fashion photographer Phil Poynter ever did and wow he came with a fresh vision!

    • ‘Run for Cover’ — the lighting and mood on the day was just gorgeous. Shot by Jamie Morgan, best known for his iconic work in the 80s with the Buffalo Collective.

    Q: What was it like being second generation Irish in the 90s, when Éire was big in the media with Riverdance, The Corrs, etc.?

    Siobhán: I’ve always felt my Irish roots very deeply. You’ve reminded me of how much more prominent it was in the media back then. I grew up Irish dancing, and would compete at a national level. Fun fact for you. [grinning squinting face emoji]

    Q: How did the MNEK remix of ‘Run for Cover’ come about? Did you work with him on the new lyrics?

    Siobhán: He is just a natural go-to for us. Some people you just click creatively with, and he is definitely one of our people. New lyrics all his. He understands exactly what a record needs, and never needs any notes from us. That’s pretty rare. His vocal production is also LUSH!

    Q: Did you know you had something special? Or were you just winging it?

    Siobhán: I 100% knew we had something special, but at the same time was always, and still probably am, winging it!

    Q: How do you usually assign harmonies? Is it usually you high, Keisha mid, and Mutya low?

    Siobhán: Mutya’s low register is like honey, and we go nowhere near that. Keisha and I switch around on middle and high. If it’s a powerhouse moment, then I move aside. We’re actually always in agreement very naturally as to who fits which parts. It’s never an issue. [hug emoji]

    Q: Are the harmonies written by yourselves, or do you have a composer/arranger who does it?

    Siobhán: We harmonise very naturally together, and tend to be our own vocal producers. Something just doesn’t connect in the same way when someone else tries to do it.

    Q: What was it like hearing Dev [Hynes’] version of “Same Old Story”? Work together again please! :)

    Siobhán: The sound was truly unexpected, but it really grabbed me straight away. Even if I’m now very used to hearing a lot of his more cinematic work, I’m so glad he took such a left field approach with this mix. We asked him to pick any song, and do whatever he wanted with it. I believe it’s the only way to work with people. If you think they’re great at what they do, let them do it their way! It’s my favorite of the remixes. [yellow heart emoji]

    Q: I’ve always loved the album art. Do you remember anything about the shoot?

    Siobhán: It was shot by a brilliant beauty photographer, Liz Collins. I don’t have strong memories of the day to be honest. Other than I remember the set location being very dark, and that I had quite a lot of oil in my hair. [woozy face emoji] It’s such a grown-up image, and is timeless. I’ve always loved it.

    Q: Do you have any special memories from your trips to Germany / your German fans? [purple heart emoji]

    Siobhán: Yes, so many! We spent a lot of time all over Germany, and always got an amazing welcome. I think it was when we were doing MTV that we met Missy Elliott, also which is a highlight! I got very heavily into a German rock band, and I wish I could remember their name. I didn’t understand a work, but LOVED it! My husband still speaks pretty good German from his school days. Fun fact. [grinning squinting face emoji]

    Q: Was Mabel ever present during the creation of the album as a little kid?

    Siobhán: Yes! Tyson and Mabel would pop in and out with their parents Cameron & Neneh. They lived right around the corner from the studio.

    Q: Is there something on a track from One Touch you would change?

    Siobhán: For years, I would have told you my vocal on ‘Overload’ as it’s kind of raw, and I think a bit pitchy here and there. I just did a couple of takes… But actually, these days, I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Q: Y’all started at such a young age. Would you allow your kids to start that young?

    Siobhán: We’ve often talked about this amongst each other. It’s a difficult one… If one of my kids were that passionate about something, how could I say they had to wait…?! There’s just a certain energy you have as a teenager that is magic to capture. I respect my parents enormously for entering into what was a totally alien world for them in order to support me.

    Q: What do you think of your great performance of ‘One Foot In’ on Planet Pop? Should be the official video.

    Siobhán: OMG. I had to just go ahead and look this up! [grinning squinting face emoji] I’m currently trying to stop giggling about all the knee and hip wiggling going on.


    But I hear you, it’s totally a video for it, isn’t it!

    Thank-you for all your great questions today! I really enjoyed answering them.

    Lots of love, Shiv ♥️
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  9. Absolutely! I‘m not that familiar with UK television these days anymore, I don‘t know whats on and what not, GMTV has gone for some years and is Good Morning Britain since right and they also don‘t have any musical performances anymore?

    And I wouldn‘t wanna see them going on Sunday Breakfast and doing an acoustic version of Overload. They should really(their team) consider doing a Germany TV programme and book them for something. Since Overload was such a big hit there 20+ years ago as were they as a group bigger than in the UK.
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  10. The stars must have aligned for me - the Essential set, the Amazon exclusive release and both Soul Sound CD singles all arrived on the same day!

    The CD 2 of Soul Sound really has achieved Unicorn status at this point.
  11. I asked the one about winging it. I loved her reply.
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  12. I don't think a re-issue is quite on the same level for TV bookers as a new studio album, greatest hits or tour. When was the last time you saw someone promoting one alone?
  13. It's very telling that she also tagged their manager, there's most definitely something going on here.

    Something that I'm very sure is that if they needed the interviews to promote the album, they would be doing them. It's different doing a few interviews than doing zero. It's almost like they are avoiding them.

    The way they have been acting, I would say they are saving the impact of their return for any new material with their actual label.
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  14. Thanks for this, though I still can't find the post! To clarify, Cassandra is not the President of Sony Music UK. She is President of "4th Floor Creative", which are about branding and influencers. She also was a manager at Crown for 11 years 2000-2011.
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  15. kal


  16. They should just join Red Girl Records.

    GIRL POWER You know!!
  17. A tipsy Keisha and Mutya just went live on IG from the back of a cab for about a minute discussing weather or not what Keisha had seen was the moon or a Travelodge. Legends.
  18. Did anyone else just watch Keisha's live?

    Miss Buchanan really thought the Premier Inn sign was the actual moon! I'm cackling.
  19. Keisha was driving so I don’t think she was tipsy dddss
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  20. For anyone that missed it.

    i just love the genuine friendship and love the girls have for each other now. This isn’t just your typical work band and colleague….there’s such love and warm between the three.
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