Crazy to think they have/had songs like Waiting For You and Only You ready to go. It just needs a little twist to make them proper dance staple. Their leaks are crazy good. Metal Heart ist on heavy rotation here again and Today is pop perfection. Too In Love is such bliss too. There are so many fantastic songs that need to be heard.

EDIT: Oh wow Only You just hit me the first time. How can they be SO good even with cheesy lyrics?
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I so hope they've landed in the top 20 with this re-release, it's the least the album deserves and I would like to think it will allow them to release a new album with some label confidence attached!

I think we've been reminded of their potential again. If they had a brand new album with promo behind it and all those variants included, it would easily be in the Top Ten. They can do it. I knew they could but Flatline somehow convinced people this lineup wasn't chart friendly. They'll sell albums for sure.
0908/2500 here! I haven’t been so happy because of a post delivery in a long time. The black and gold combo is looking precious and actually very celebratory. Not being hit by custom charges this time made today even better (honestly the non-transparency of that system will never not fascinate me).


On the other hand, my Spotify exclusive cassette still hasn’t arrived but I take it as a punishment for doing clownery with ordering fucking cassettes. Also no hype sticker on vinyl for me but I guess you’re getting them only with copies from retail?
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