18 is very good for the type of campaign and release this was, and the minimal promo it got, though as a few of us have said there would have been easy ways to push this further towards the top 10 if they wanted.

Either way, everyone on their team and the label will be happy with that and the entire package is pretty much everything I wanted from an anniversary release.
Not Keisha and Siobhan dragging All Around The World ddd

Also I love how determined they are to go with this "The MKS stuff leaked so that's why nothing happened" despite the fact there was a near 4-year gap between Flatline and the first Christmas Day leaks. Maybe they genuinely think that's what happened.
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Some segments of that interview are really beautiful, like Keisha saying how she reacted when she heard the lyrics that Siobhan wrote for Look at Me.

I'm glad the album is now officially top 20 and we can just focus on appreciating it. I received the Amazon edition and my god this is just a dream package.
I mean they probably have gag orders on their old contract. It’s probably easier to say the songs were leaked than to blame labels or say that everything was hung up on getting the name back.

on the bright side, Mutya must be proud of her paper trademark-echoing everyone else’s sentiment that this packaging is gorgeous. I love the sequins and everything all over it.
Does anyone know what position One Touch originally charted at after it's first week back in 2000?

I remember thinking it was quite odd of the label to release the album at the very end of November in a busy Q4, a whole two and half months after Overload, and three weeks prior to New Year being released (on Christmas no.1 week!). I didn't even know it was out, I just had Overload on CD and there was no info about a forthcoming album. I randomly saw it in Tesco one evening and thought wow, they have an album! It immediately joined All Saints 'Saints & Sinners' on my list of CDs to get for Christmas and hey presto.. by Boxing Day 2000 I was already singing Run For Cover word for word and praying it would be the third single.

..I then wanted Promises or One Foot In as the 4th, but I ended up absolutely LOVING Soul Sound so all in all a fantastic album and campaign.