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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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  2. I've avoided all the unreleased tracks (bar Sometimes, obviously) so I am just eagerly awaiting my Amazon exclusive to arrive stateside. Cannot wait to play the album on repeat.
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  3. Waiting to be able to get the new Overload signed CD. Is someone selling it here, please? Hahahaha.

    Just to complete my collection. Well... And I would buy a vinyl bundle or something, but I'm afraid I would have to pay duties from the UK to Spain.
  4. The ever amazing biff stannard has said on instagram that he's still very proud of the work he has done with the girls and he hopes it will be released. No plans to work with the girls at the moment but he would absolutely do it again if he was asked
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  5. is there a chart update today?
  6. Island

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    Keisha answered my question! I asked what her favorite song was to record and she replied saying it was “One Touch”

    The taste!
  7. Keisha answered mines too.. what was the first song they had written together for One Touch…. Look at Me.

    It makes the song even more special to me now. I just a adore Look at Me.
  8. GCZ


    I have so many favorites so far. Sometimes, All Around the World, the alternative mix of One Touch and Sugababes on the Run have been on repeat though!
  9. ADM


    I wish I’d ordered the regular edition and then the Amazon CD now too..
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  10. One extra thing I've noticed about the album is - despite how great bonus tracks are - the main twelve tracks were chosen incredibly well and I honestly wouldn't change them or the order - the album almost feels like a story in the day of the life a teenager starting off with skipping school in the morning with Overload and ending with a dark late night walk home with Run For Cover with all the other songs fitting in with different experiences during the day from the start and the end.
  11. 2014

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    I'm obsessed with the Essential Sugababes tracklist?'s messy but great? The Brits version of Freak Like Me is beyond.
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  12. My go-to version!
  13. I would so buy a vinyl of Essential Sugababes
  14. All Around The World, is especially great and an nice bonus.
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    Based on one of Keisha’s responses, it seems their goal was to beat the album’s former chart peak, which they succeeded.

    I’m happy for them. And for us. What they did with this reissue is not about chart placements. It’s more about testing the waters, and demonstrating that they are still relevant. That there is a small, dedicated legion of fans who are here for them, and willing to support them.

    Well done, everyone.
  17. This.


    You can build a complete alternative One Touch out of everything we got now, just the demos and b-sides and alternative mixes. It would still be the best and most timeless Sugababes album. I don’t know what happened back when but they had magic at their hands.

    Nothing will ever beat One Touch for me really, it may be my favourite album of all time.
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  18. I did that. Cd1 One Touch + B-sides, Cd2 One Touch Alternative, Cd3 Demos*, Cd4 Remixes.
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  19. kal


    I did something similar. The transition from Soul Sound to One Touch, and Lush Life is very jarring, but apart from that it’s a very enjoyable listen.

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  20. Does it include Freedom?
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