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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Imagine them performing One Touch (album), Ghosts, Song 4 Mutya, Fearless and Flatline one night only.

    I‘d sell my soul to see that.
  2. No it’s only the Island years - Freedom was RCA. But it would’ve been good to get that in CD quality.
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  3. If we’re talking fantasies then I’d kill to see Sugababes perform Real Girl, As You Like It and Fearless!
  4. Ok lets make a deal ha!

    This is fun! I would love the Sugababes to perform at a concert:

    • Fearless (Sorry but this song should not be kept in the vaults collecting dust. This song IS A F MOMENT)
    • Song 4 Mutya (This can be so much fun. I always imagined this song being performed before or after Boys + with the 'wear my kiss' music video playing on the huge screen behind them as they sing 'that's who once replaced me what a diss.......JOKES!)
    • Goldfish, There's a place for you, Don't take me back, and or Coming up for air (The harmonies I hear in my mind for this gives me chills).
    *Runs to play Ghost album
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Someone should’ve asked Keisha when the rent is due.
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  6. Ms. Keisha Kerreece Fayeanne Buchanan (singer-songwriter of platinum-selling group Sugababes; YouTuber; Investor; part-time Canadian; person who wishes to "make a life story worth telling DM 4 collabs Romans 8:28 Hebrews 11:1") had her Q&A today, which ended on a cliffhanger. (If she picks it up, I'll update this post.)

    (If you missed Siobhán's, click here. Also! Sorry I missed out on typing up Mutya's hilarious Q&A, but that seems to be gone to the æther, unless someone has it screencapped!)

    Keisha Buchanan: Send me your One Touch questions! What a week! Thanks for all the love 20 years later [“puppy dog eyes” emoji; heart] Get all your questions in about the One Touch album, and I’ll try to answer the juicy ones. [winking emoji]

    Q: What was the first song you guys had written together for One Touch? [heart emoji]

    Keisha: Great question! I think the first song we wrote for the album was “Look at Me”.

    Q: A song you haven’t performed yet from One Touch, but would like to? [smile emoji; heart emoji]

    Keisha: We have actually performed every song, but in the very early years for showcases. [smile emoji] I always enjoyed “Don’t Wanna Wait” and would love for us to do it live for you all! [starry-eyed emoji]

    Q: Do you remember the little promo [for] One Touch on Spanish TV?

    Keisha: I don’t, but send it to me. [phew emoji]

    Q: What song do you relate to most, now in your 30s?

    Keisha: Firstly, I’m not in my 30s. [eyes emoji] (In my mind anyway.) [phew emoji] LOL. But if I was, I guess I would relate most to is “Forever” …I didn’t know what it meant to be in love when this song was recorded age 13. But I’ve experienced that kind of love in my life for sure at 25. [eyes emoji]

    Q: Big fan of the B-Side “Don’t Wanna Wait”. Any memories from creating that song?

    Keisha: Some of my favourite memories was building what we believe was our vocal sound with Don-E. I have so many memories of him helping us with harmonies, and I was so surprised that I sounded so different on record to what I thought I sounded like in my head! [grinning emoji]

    Q: Favorite music video from One Touch? And favourite music video ever?

    Keisha: I think “Overload” was pretty iconic for that time… [heart]

    Q: What was your highlight during the One Touch anniversary? Love you!

    Keisha: The highlight has been the fans… Truly… What a blessing it is to know that because of all of you, the album will chart higher than it did 20 years ago!! So brilliant. [heart emoji x 2] Thank-you all so much. xoxo

    Q:What’s your favorite song from One Touch?

    Keisha: I have a few, but I always loved “One Touch” …both versions.

    Q: What’s one regret you have from this era? [ogre mask emoji; green tea emoji]

    Keisha: Hmmm, I could have been a little easier on myself. [woozy face emoji]

    Q: What’s your favourite memory of this whole era?

    Keisha: The early studio sessions where we were building our sound, eating waffles and ice cream from Tootsies [Ice Cream & Coffee Shop], dreaming about one day being on stage, and being in the studio every day ’til 5 AM, then going to school from there! It was a lot of work, but I absolutely loved it, and not even our parents could change our minds — lol “team no sleep”

    Q: One Touch received rave reviews from critics (deservedly). How did that feel?

    Keisha: Honestly, I didn’t get it until I was a lot older… I think we were all like, “[eyes emoji x 2] What’s a critic?” [cry-laugh emoji x 3] But now I’m super proud, and I understand that for a girl band of that era, our music was seen as very left pop, and our lyrics were considered to be mature… We did good. [smile]

    Q: Would you, or even Teenage Keisha, swap any of the album tracks with a B-Side or demo?

    Keisha: I always preferred the original “Real Thing” over the pop mix, which made the album — but I’m so happy you get both versions now. [smile]

    Q: Were you happy with the single choices from the album?

    Keisha: I would have loved for “Promises” to have been a single. [one tear emoji]

    Q:What was your favorite promo stop you did outside the UK during One Touch? [earth emoji; smile]

    Keisha: Japan for sure!!! [Japanese flag emoji]

    Q: Did you ever find out what destination the train was going to? [train emoji]

    Keisha: Probably to Margate.

    Q: LOVE “All Around the World”! Tell us more about this song, please! :)

    Keisha: This song was written and produced by the man who discovered us! Ron Tom. I remember Ron dancing around with arms out like an aeroplane, in the zone, singing at the top of his lungs, screaming, “IT’S A HIT!” — while we sat there like… [unimpressed emoji x 6] because we hated it. [cry-laugh emoji x 3]… All these year later, it’s finally growing on us. Ron and the world gets to hear it!

    Q: Why was your verse/middle-8 on [an] earlier [sic] version of “One Foot In” removed from [the] final version?

    Keisha: Listen again. [smile] We sounded more similar to each other when we were younger… It’s me. [grin emoji]
    [ed. I think she misunderstood the question regarding the middle-8 absent from the album version]

    Q: “Always Be the One” HAS to be performed. Your voices melt me! [heart eyes emoji x 3]

    Keisha: Haha, we sound so young on it, right?! LOL

    Q: At the time, which celebrity fan of Sugababes made you starstruck? [sparkle emoji]

    Keisha: For me, it would be Pink! She loved “Overload” and came to watch our rehearsal. [hug emoji]

    Q: What was your reaction when George Michael said he loved your first album?

    Keisha: Very proud moment for us. [blushing emoji]

    Q: How has the experience been now resisting this album, as opposed to when you were 13?

    Keisha: Less pressure, more excitement. [blushing emoji]

    Q: Did you ever disagree over who should sing what verse, or leads in the chorus?

    Keisha: We wrote our own verses, so no, not really. But we always felt strongly about all 3 of us sharing our talents equally… Nowadays, it’s a no-brainer: whoever we (MKS) feel brings the best vibes to the track, sings the part… [shrug emoji]

    Q: Please help: what is Mutya singing at the end of “Overload”? ‘Our secret, take it back?’ ?!?

    Keisha: “Got me feelin’ sad.”
    [ed. Not helpful, Keisha!]

    Q: I love “One Foot In”. Was that ever considered [for] a single?

    Keisha: I always loved performing that song. [blushing emoji] Not sure if it was, but it would have been a good idea. [shrug emoji]

    Q: What’s it like listening to the demos after 20 years?

    Keisha: I’m just happy Don-E gets his songs heard! We spent a lot of time recording before the first album, and then once we got signed, those songs were put on the shelf… We’ve come full-circle now. [hug emoji]

    Q: Is Mutya’s one part in “Just Let It Go” (where she says, “Wait, wait… Wait I just…”) a mistake/blooper?

    Keisha: It was! And they kept it! [grin emoji]

    Q: How do you all still look so beautifully youthful and glam?! [loving emoji; black heart emoji]

    Keisha: I understood the assignment. [grin emoji]

    [Keisha takes a break from/stops answering questions to post someone’s TikTok in her story about not taking a million dollars if it was conditional in that it meant you weren’t allowed to wake up tomorrow, and you know it’s a bad deal because you know living is more important than money, OK cool.]

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  7. I will never get over what happened when Siobhan did what she had to do in Scala. It was just magical. It was the concert moment of my life. The energy of it all.

  8. That's a great detail to know! We've learned so much about this album.
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  9. I know alot of times on One Touch album I find it hard to distinguish between Mutya and Siobhán. They used to sound so alike back in the day. Obviously not now but.
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  10. Crazy to think they have/had songs like Waiting For You and Only You ready to go. It just needs a little twist to make them proper dance staple. Their leaks are crazy good. Metal Heart ist on heavy rotation here again and Today is pop perfection. Too In Love is such bliss too. There are so many fantastic songs that need to be heard.

    EDIT: Oh wow Only You just hit me the first time. How can they be SO good even with cheesy lyrics?
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  11. Yes, the place went off the roof. What a (really hot, sweaty) moment.
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  12. I would love to hear the ladies do a group take on Siobhan’s So You Say…’s a sublime track and I can hear in my head their vocals take the song to another level!
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  13. Hey Mr. Postman what is it that you left there for me in the morning..

    Fingers crossed that all that haven’t received their orders yet, will get it very soon!

    Also it makes me a bit sad that I can‘t really share this with anyone I know but with you guys.
  14. kal


    Meanwhile, me:
    Where’s the mail for my mailBAAAHX.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I so hope they've landed in the top 20 with this re-release, it's the least the album deserves and I would like to think it will allow them to release a new album with some label confidence attached!
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  16. I think we've been reminded of their potential again. If they had a brand new album with promo behind it and all those variants included, it would easily be in the Top Ten. They can do it. I knew they could but Flatline somehow convinced people this lineup wasn't chart friendly. They'll sell albums for sure.
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  17. Where was this in the last midweek?
  18. Apparently it was #15 yesterday.
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  19. kal


    My mint & gold cassettes are here!! I haven't had time to unseal them yet.


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  20. *thumbs up emoji*
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