I would feel no joy and it would just feel wrong to me. A critic recently wrote that the anniversary edition is a "overdue gesture of respect for a group of girls whose long shadow defies any abiding idea that they were disposable."
They are Mutya Keisha and Siobhan (3 Sugababes, how it's always been) and it would be incredibly strange to me to see Heidi up on stage with them. The original three were the ones that made me fall in love with the band and I would prefer a possible comeback to be entirely about them. I guess I also never really forgave Heidi for standing by whilst Keisha got axed from the band!? Similar to Little Mix fans who currently wouldn't want to see Jesy return, I wouldn't want to see Heidi on a stage with Keisha (in Keishas words: "why would I want to go back there?"). I totally understand that fans of different lineups have different views though and that's fine.

Yeah, that's the same interview in which she talked about possible plans for the Sugababes (4.0) to do one last tour, followed by a TV show to cast a new generation of Sugababes ("Mini-Me's"). We should all be grateful that that didn't happen.

I think for me it's more about Sugababes 1.0 have not had the opportunity to shine and enjoy their time as Sugababes together. They only had one album, and that era was quite short lived/they were children compared to the other Sugababe eras. More the hardcore fans know their amazing magic and potential, but the public have not had their time with Sugababes 1.0 (MKS era/flowers does not count).

Heidi and Amelle had their success and time for many ACTIVE years with the band. No one is discounting their contribution, but things change and they are not active members anymore. Heidi seems to be enjoying her time being mother, while Amelle has her own projects. It is only fair and right that people respect and allow the founding Sugababes 1.0 to have their time together here on. Everyone is allowed to love their own line up of course, but lets just allow 1.0 to do their thing............and hope an album drops in 2022 (so we have something nice and exciting to talk about aside from line ups)

All this for half a verse in one song on one date…
If the person whose CD wasn't signed by Siobhan reads this, send me a DM, can't find the post now. I'll get it signed for you if they weren't able to send a replacement x
And can you get a signed Overload single for me too, please? Hehehehe. I can't over the idea that I didn't preorder it and have lost the opportunity to buy it.
I've edited and typed up Keisha's impromptu Q&A session on Instagram. (I've omitted her poll where people answered whether or not they'd date outside of their race, since that's other people answering really, and Keisha rarely commented on those answers. In a couple questions, however, the topic of dating was thrown back at Keisha, so I've included those answers.)

Q: Will you be returning to Canada? [Canadian flag emoji]

Keisha: Yeah, but I'm still grieving the loss of my dad... every day is different, so I'm not sure when... I just want to be with my mum everyday at the moment.

Q: What gets you up out of bed every morning?

Keisha: When I open my eyes, I'm reminded that God woke me up, so there must be a reason... even if I can't see it/feel it... I am hopeful that there is something I'm called to do. Be it for myself or others... I believe I have a purpose.

Q: What do you think about the whole Nicki Minaj / Jesy [Nelson] / Leigh-Anne [Pinnock] blackfishing thing?

Keisha: I think there are certain publications that could not wait for this moment to come for Leigh, especially after her speaking up about BLM. At the end of the day, even if people don't agree with how she went about it, Leigh is human. She has the right to feel whatever she feels, and to tell her (or anyone of colour) that their experiences are not valid, is a part of the problem. My friend produced Jesy's track ["Boyz"], and I'm super proud of him, and happy it's doing so well. On first listen... I liked the song. [shrug emoji]

Q: What makes you laugh the most?

Keisha: My dating life in my early 20s. [woozy face emoji; cry-laugh emoji]

Q: Would you date outside your race?

Keisha: I'll date anyone who has a little seasoning in them. [grinning emoji; cry-laugh emoji] However, he would have had to have dated black women before me, or be from another country, otherwise I'd feel he was with me for other reasons. [weary face emoji] (I hate that I view things that way, by the way.)

Q: Are you in a relationship now? Would you like to have kids?

Keisha: I'm super private. Years ago, when I broke up with my ex, the hardest thing [to do] was to take down pics and explain whyyyy to everyone. [weary face emoji; cry laugh emoji]. So for me, until I get a [diamond ring emoji], I will remain private, lol. As far as kids are concerned, I may do an Eva Mendes, and never announce when I do. [contemplating emoji]

Q: [What's] your skincare routine?!

Keisha: I literally have adult acne most days. [woozy face emoji; weary face emoji]

Q: [What's your] proudest moment (outside of the music industry)?

Keisha: Leaving an abusive relationship, learning boundaries and myself, will always be some of my proudest personal moments. [blushing emoji]

Q: What was your first album you had on CD or cassette?

Keisha: Jay-Z & Foxy Brown – "I'll Be Good" and Robson & Jerome – "Up on the Roof". Random, I know. [cry laugh emoji]

Q: If you never made it as a singer, what do you think you would have aimed for as a career?

Keisha: Acting!

Q: Do you prefer red sauce or brown sauce? Thanks!

Keisha: Ever tried them together? [smirking emoji]

Q: Are you happy and proud of all your success? You're so talented and loved. [purple heart emoji]

Keisha: Thank-you. [puppy dog eyes emoji; heart emoji] I'm super proud, yes, but I still get surprised looking at our achievements for sure... I haven't fully grasped our success.

Q: Since being a celebrity, have you struggled with your mental health? How are you now?

Keisha: If I'm honest, my dad's death has changed me. I struggle most days... I've had a lot of trauma over the years, privately, and losing him was the icing. I it wasn't for my faith in Jesus, my close support network, and prayer, I don't know... That God for his grace, really. [shrug emoji]

Q: Have you had any work done?

Keisha: Why, do I need it? [weary face emoji; cry-laugh emoji x 3]

Q: What is the hardest thing you had to overcome in your career?

Keisha: My exit out of Sugababes in '09 was a lot...

Q: Have you ever had a "normal" job? Where do you get money?

Keisha: [yay grin emoji] The Sugababes was my first job at 12-years-old, so no, I've not a had a "normal job" — but I always wanted one growing up... Then I started in property when I was 18-years-old, and did very well. I also did well in songwriting, which still pays. So those investments, including some others, allowed me to be financially free. x

Q: Is there a song from the Sugababes that you can't stand?

Keisha: It's not that I don't like the song, but my verse in "Caught Up in the Middle" [sic] (which I wrote [unimpressed emoji]) goes on for 3 days, and there's no need for anyone to sing for that long. [weary face emoji]

Q: Would you ever do a solo album/project, or even release a few solo songs?

Keisha: I would, yes. [blushing emoji]

Q: How do/did you handle rejection?

Keisha: I actually find it easier to accept if people are honest... I never stay anywhere that I'm not welcome...

Q: What does Keisha want to achieve by next year? xx

Keisha: [blushing emoji; baby emoji; diamond ring emoji; microphone emoji; movie camera emoji; treble clef staff emoji] All above of these... peace and happiness... God willing.

Q: What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

Keisha: Chased a fox who stole my shoe on the side of a highway. [weary face emoji]

Q: Have you had anxiety attacks, and how do you deal with them?

Keisha: I was taken when I was 16 at knife point on my way home from school by a random guy. After that, I had a few episodes, but had music to get on with, and singles to promote back then, so I kind of had to deal with it. Then I had the ambulance called in 2019 for another episode... I reminded myself of these scriptures, and got therapy... [winking emoji]:

"Throw all your anxiety onto him, because he cares about you." — 1 Peter 5

"Therefore, I say to you, don't worry about your life, what you'll eat or what you'll drink, or about your boy, what you'll wear. Isn't life more than food and the body more than clothes?" — Matthew 6

"Don't be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks." — Philippians 4

Q: When can I get a date with you? [grinning emoji]

Keisha: [eyes emoji]

Q: What's it like losing someone you love and care about?

Keisha: Heartbreak... but forever.

Q: What is one habit you think you have that might have 'annoyed' your other bandmates. Love you. x

Keisha: I just said what I felt, whenever. Zero filter. [woozy face emoji] I was so unaware... my heart was always in a goo place, but with age, you learn to be more diplomatic and considerate... Biggest lesson: Not everyone needs an opinion, Keisha. lol – But those who LOVE you genuinely won't hold it against you, but will tell you that truth, so that you can grow. (Shout out to my village. [cry-laugh emoji; heart emoji]

Q: Are you taking acting classes?

Keisha: Had to take a break to grieve, but I'll be back at it soon. [smirking emoji]

Q: How did you all win back the rights to the name Sugababes? Also, so happy it worked out.
[ed. Keisha answers this same question twice]

Keisha: It's complicated, but the name was always ours to use, since I had the legal rights to use it. The issue was someone from our past used the trademark to block us in the industry from doing business.

Thank-you. [blushing emoji; heart emoji] The truth is long and complicated, but I will say that the name was always ours to use, since I had the legal rights to use it. The issue was someone from our past... They were using the trademark to block us from doing business in the industry for years, but we persevered. x

Q: Around 2006, would you have dated someone with a modest/regular job?

Keisha: That's all I've ever done, lol... I actually don't care what people do for a living (obviously nothing crazy like a pimp, lol) but I'm not fazed by things like that. I choose based on character and values. [shrug emoji]

Q: Which Netflix series would you recommend?

Keisha: Power and Ugly Betty got me through the pandemic, lol. It went on for yearsssss.

Q: Is there a song by another artist that you wish you wrote?

Keisha: WizKid – "Essence" (feat. Tems)

Q: How are you doing?

Keisha: Today was better than yesterday. Yesterday was hard, but I aragggggedddd myself out ofthe house after getting advice from my girlie, Miss Lular. [weary face emoji; heart emoji]

Q: When was the last time you spoke to Heidi?

Keisha: A few weeks back, actually.

Q: Is there anything that you prefer in the UK compared to Canada?

Keisha: They can't touch our Fish N Chips or Nando's. [weary face emoji]

Q: Are you happy?

Keisha: [shrug emoji] It's a choice, rather than a state right now, if I'm honest...

Q: Can't even imagine how hard it is for you to lose your father. What can we do to help you heal?

Keisha: The sweetest message ever. [heart emoji x 2]. Thank-you. In fact, thank-you to everyone who messaged me... I'm still getting messages. [heart emoji x 4] Knowing that you care is more than enough.

Q: What gets you through a stressful day?

Keisha: Starting my day with Maverick City Music, and talking to God through the day.

Q: What cartoons did you watch as a kid?

Keisha: Rugrats and Hey Arnold! were my favs.

Q: What is your full name?

Keisha: My real name is actually Keisha Brown, haha. I'm giving all my gems away.

Q: How come you never really engaged with me in your DMs. I was only trying to reach out, hoping for the best.

Keisha: I get hundreds of messages. [weary face emoji] It's hard to keep up... Also, if I don't know you, or follow you, your messages won't automatically catch my eyes, sorry. [see-no-evil monkey emoji]

Q: How does one get to know you? lol [smirking emoji]

Keisha: I'm a mystery, and I like it that way. [smirking emoji]

Q: What are your thoughts on people [that] make themselves whiter? (i.e. Nicola Roberts / Lily Cole)

Keisha: What's YOUR thoughts?
Not that last question and using Nicola Roberts and Lily Cole as examples as if they aren't naturally some of the palest people on the planet to start with nn. What kind of question was that?
Who knows why Keisha and Heidi talked, maybe its because of Keisha's dad, or Heidi giving birth or maybe because of Sarah Harding. Or it could be pure buisness related. Either way its nice. Would it be cool to have a surprise Heidi performing a song or two with Sugababes? Sure. Is it realistic? Not really allthough its not impossible either. Do i hope/wish for it? No, first thing we need is Sugababes to start performing/promoting beyond social media and rare magazine interwiews.

I will say that i would LOVE if other albums could get the same treatment as One Touch. Personally im mostly interested in demos, unreleased tracks and alternative versions. I wonder if Universal/island saw what London Records did and thought to themselves "we could make money out of it too".
I'd love them to re-record some of 'the greatest hits'. Now that they have the name back, it'd be cool to go to a 'Sugababes' gig and still get to hear About You Now, Too Lost In You, Freak Like Me etc.

Not sure if that's possible/they'd want to. But that's what I'd be here for, more so than a return from the others.
As much as I enjoy and appreciate Heidi, bringing her on stage (even for just one appearance) would only make the 'bring back Heidi!' crowd even more loud and persistent.

It's also clearly something the girls are already tired of having to ignore when interacting with the fans.
Yeah, I agree. In and of itself it'd be fantastic, but it would lead to the worst parts of the fanbase becoming more vocal.
I'd love them to re-record some of 'the greatest hits'. Now that they have the name back, it'd be cool to go to a 'Sugababes' gig and still get to hear About You Now, Too Lost In You, Freak Like Me etc.

Not sure if that's possible/they'd want to. But that's what I'd be here for, more so than a return from the others.
A greatest hits (1.0's Version) would be spectacular. I'm sure they'd never do it though, and understandably so. Maybe we could get Freak Like Me and/or Stronger tacked on to a new album as bonus tracks though.
A greatest hits, but only because I demand to hear Mutya and Siobhan sing Get Sexy.

I don't know if it'd be iconic or diabolical fff