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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. And if you look in the background, a man with a camera filming? Might make for a good documentary…
  2. I went for a walk in the woods today and played some of the MKS demos and it was a transcedent experience. I may have got quite emotional at Love In Stereo.
  3. Too bad i cant go but im counting on some decent quality videos!
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  4. The story on Keisha's IG about all of them and the band raising their glasses to "Sugababes" is very sweet.

    Great to see things in motion.
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  5. The glasses raised to the “Sugababes” was an emotional moment for me. It’s finally happening after 84 years. 3BE51003-4438-4ABF-A0E2-803C682E22AD.jpeg

    I don't know anything about these festivals, but is Glastonbury a big deal?
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  6. It must be rewarding for them, to finally be getting back out to do shows after 9 years.
  7. Just listened to Flatline for the first time in a while. God, it still sounds so fresh and brand new.
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  8. I hope they post a teaser of them practicing Round Round.
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  9. New music after the 9 year wait would make it even more special x
  10. ADM


    It's looking like I won't get to Mighty Hoopla in the end, I don't have any friends interested enough. I'm actually so sad (for more than the fact I won't see the Sugababes) but I might fly over to one of the other festivals later in the Summer myself.
  11. What kind of friends aren't keen in going to Mighty Hoopla? Ditch them! Also, you may seem a lot to go a day festival by yourself but Hoopla is such a great fun day and everyone is super friendly. You won't feel alone.
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    If I ditched them I would have no friends left. There's a festival in Dublin that day I can't convince anyone to go to either. I'm kind of sad about it but this is where I'm at..

    I probably wouldn't go to Hoopla alone, I'd most likely meet a few 'acquaintances' I'd have to tell I was there alone. No thanks.
  13. Singing live is what they do best, so I'm glad.
  14. Meet with PJers sis.
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  15. Me every time Siobhan reposts something on her social media

  16. How many confirmed dates we have so far? Fingers crossed that this is a prelude to new music, possibly later this year or next year but whatever happens let us enjoy what we have right now.
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  17. D7928DE0-1B46-4D75-B737-770D798C52EA.jpeg

    Officially updated to Gold on the website (random despite it going gold a long time ago).
  18. Just checking old still feels surreal seeing Siobhan singing songs like Hole in the Head. It's like we are living in an alternate timeline.

  19. I feel this all has to be part of a bigger plan for new music like the 20th anniversary re issue and now all the summer tours maybe it’s to get the general public used to this line up and then bam new music. Here’s hoping!
  20. Mutya’s new song ‘Taking It Easy’ is out today.

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