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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I mean, so is Get Sexy but I don't think any of us are here for that.
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  2. Wait for forum members to prove you wrong in 3...2...1...
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  3. I always thought it was “my body’s tired”.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I would be so curious to see how 1.0 handled Get Sexy!
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  5. It would be...interesting, I guess?!
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  6. To be fair even Heidi herself would (and did) sing it in the “lolz!” ironic fashion.
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  7. Ehh I wouldn't be so sure about that, I mean good thing In The Middle is a better song tho

    I just looked up the lyrics on Genius and you're right she says Tired. Man i always thought she said Tight and in a weird way it made sense to me
  8. Ironically, I think Siobhan is probably the least precious member of the band when it comes to the set list! It really feels like she’s down for whatever.

    Obviously Keisha will give Get Sexy a hard pass because *trauma*, but it would be absolutely hilarious and I would die.

    I’ve been so against them doing About You Now but the more I think abouh it, it would also be hilarious and would go off and like, if you told 2009 me that in 13 years Siobhan would be singing *About You Now I would spontaneously combust.

    I want Round Round too. The problem is this is a tour for them and not necessarily a ‘pride set’, so it might not be as banger filled as we’d like.

    And OF COURSE they’ll do Flatline, fucking hell!
  9. The amount of gigs all six Sugababes will get when they join forces, do the tv show, movie about their lives and Coachella headliner!
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  10. Think Siobhan and Mutya could elevate this


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I would live if Siobhan and Mutya rehearsed Get Sexy secretly to prank Keisha with at one of the festival performances. Like could you imagine.....
  12. I can pass on Get Sexy, but what I wouldn't give to hear Siobhan and Mutya on several Catfights and Spotlights tracks! Honestly, I'd be open to any lineup or combination of girls remembering that fantastic album exists.
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  13. Mutya would eat Amelle's verse on Side Chick.
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  14. Challenge accepted! B681E2C7-5FB0-4726-852F-FD227A687C8F.gif
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  15. My beloved, I'm afraid they were!

    3.0 Sweet 7 era:

    4.0 (sound is very distorted - not a comment on them, just a headphone warning!):
  16. MKS are now back being Sugababes so I think they have to fully embrace all the Sugababes hits and 'About You Now' was a big hit for them. True, not for Siobhan or Mutya but I think it's a song bigger than the members it's just a hit song that is associated with that group so they should just perform it. I don't think any of them would have an issue singing it really nor should they. They can always transform the track in a live setting to make it sound more current if they choose or even perform it acoustically if preferred.

    Nothing on Catfights was a big enough hit that people really remember*, so they'll unlikely ever re-visit that material and clearly Sweet 7 era was such a traumatic experience for Keisha that there's no doubt that music will also be swept under the rug. So really they have One Touch - Change material to play with as and when they choose. Plus anything new they potentially release. It's a huge catalogue.

    I do wonder if, in years to come, we'll see a reformation of Amelle, Heidi and Jade touring shows like how S Club, Honeyz, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten are at the moment and just rebrand themselves as Suga Babez or something.

    *I know 'Girls' was a #3 single and used a lot in advertisements but I just don't think it's a song people really remember or associate with the group. However, it could always be incorporated into a show as a sort of 'intro' piece when they first come out on stage.
  17. OK, but the real question is how to sneak this into the setlist?
    Happy Birthday to this brilliant brilliant song. A triumph! 15 years, oh my..
  18. I think they could harmonise the Dolby Digital Surround Sound intro together beautifully.
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  19. I would pay good money to have seen Mutya and Siobhan's faces the first time they saw the Get Sexy video.

  20. She is mother to me.
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