I need to stop reading comments under their Sugababes related posts. It's honestly so disheartening and sometimes can ruin the joy for me.
Of course, Queen Mutya coming in to demand decorum.

I truly cannot bear seeing any of the negative comments against Siobhan. She is a founding member of the band and has as much right to be there as anyone else. I actually cannot fathom being a fan of the bloody Sugababes and having an issue with members singing on tracks they weren’t originally on. Like that is quite literally what being a Sugababes member is. Are they familiar with the band they are supposedly defending.

Would love the tour to be the current setlist plus:

- A couple of One Touch album tracks, don’t mind which because they’re all great
- Soul Sound
- Ugly
- Shape
- No Regrets
- Summer of 99
- Real Girl
- Song 4 Mutya
- fuck it, let’s chuck Don’t Give It Up in there too

Also, it goes without saying in this forum of all places because we all know it and we don’t need reminding, but it’s worth saying again: this is only going as well as it’s going they’re so fucking good live. Like imagine if the response after Mighty Hoopla or Glasto was ‘they were miming!!!’ or ‘shit vocals!!!’ But no, with every live performance they have they’ve built even more hype for the next. I’ve not seen a single negative comment about their actual performance abilities. They’re building a really solid reputation as live artists. The vocals are fucking brilliant and are more powerful than ever, the choreography is absolutely good for what they’re capable of, the live band is outstanding and makes all of their hits flow seamlessly from one to the other, the lights and set are cool and much better / more expensive than I expected. It’s a fucking brilliant little concert they’ve put together this summer and I’m so glad they’re taking it all over the UK.
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Boils my blood seeing the trolls saying anything about Siobhan she’s such a sweetheart they need to respect the OG. It’s not like she’s trying to be Heidi in any way. Such numptys. Can everyone please spam Keisha’s tiktok video with love hopefully drown out any negative comments
Seeing the reception at Glastonbury and over the last few weeks has been amazing! I am so happy for them & I really hope the tour does well. One thing which is really getting to me is how many people on all social media are focusing and commenting negatively about Heidi not being involved. I really hope this doesn’t effect the girls and most importantly Siobhan. The original Sugababes are back together doing what they want to do ( whilst looking and sounding so good together) and that’s what people should be focusing on. The trolls on TikTok are weird.
Siobhan and the girls will be under no illusion that people will question Siobhan's presence and the lack of Heidi. At the end of the day, the 3 originals started this band and now they're back to continue their legacy. Siobhan's made of tough stuff, she has nothing to prove.
I suppose those people don’t take into consideration who Mutya & Keisha would rather be working with. It’s like the two women of color in the group don’t get a say?

And this is not in any way a dig at Heidi - I’ve always been saying she’s living her best life, and probably wouldn’t even want to do this. Has she even spoken publicly about 1.0 since they got the name back?
I suppose the more well known this comeback gets (what with such positive press they’re getting) this was inevitable.

What pisses me off is the dismissiveness of Siobhan’s place in this bands history. It’s HER band, there’d be no ‘Heidi from the Sugababes’ without Siobhan, not to mention being her childhood (and the entire Sugababes vocal catalogue being based on MKS’ harmony).

I’ll say it again, but the subscription that they got successful ‘because of Heidi’ is extremely coded, and I’ve even seen people using the old B word (ending in y) against Keisha on her own page. So… there’s not really been that much progress, it comes with the territory it seems.

Glasto spoke for itself in what really matters.
Yeah I’m not enjoying the trolling posts suggesting Siobhan shouldn’t be there because she left after “one song”, I don’t usually do it, but I had to pipe up and point out Siobhans years worth of contribution to the band, including the ground work of getting those demos recorded and getting signed, and then recording a whole album.
I was always not so sure it would be a good idea for 1.0 to rerecord the hits but maybe it would of been a good idea as I’m sure a lot of casual fans would go on streaming after the festivals. It would of been good to have Siobhan versions for them to listen to.
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Heidi made her bed and is lying in it (and hopefully living her best life!). If all she has is social media comments with 20 upvotes in support of her then let her have it.
Keisha, Mutya, and Siobhan are all singing songs that at least one of them were apart of (very significantly). These are THEIR songs. Even the majority of the original Sweet 7 was an album Keisha was largely involved in.

Maybe these idiots should mind their own business, and not tell people what to do with their OWN material.

I drown out the comments about Heidi. It's nothing person, it's just a different lineup. I have my favorites, but I still followed and enjoyed all four lineups. Plus, it's not like Heidi has even attempted to stay in the music industry, so I'm not sure if she'd even be interested in being in the Sugababes at this stage in her life. But these comments will always happen when you have a 3 member group with a total of 6 members.
God, seeing those Glastonbury videos was so gratifying for me as a fan, I can't even imagine how it must've felt for them. They honestly did the right thing by waiting to get the name back - it was essential.

I will say, I want new music but I also do wish we could get a re-recorded greatest hits. I don't think it'll ever happen but would be nice to be able to go listen to About You Now or Round Round with the current (definitive) lineup.

A single release with some sort of push at this particular moment would 100% have been a good idea. Even if it was just a cover.