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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. You have to wonder what did Roc Nation saw in the group at the time to offer them a deal. Because an album like that wasn't going to be the next big thing. Also it barely showcased the girls' talents?

    I wonder if it was just a case of Island wanting something more American and Roc Nation providing the tracks without expecting much States-swise.
  2. Is presale even worthwhile? I just want to get the best possible seats since I’ll be flying in from the States.
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  3. I think had Keisha not left, it would've been a successful album. By Sugababes standards it wasn't great, but for a girl group, it was radio friendly disposable pop that the general public would've eaten up. Get Sexy was probably one of the worst songs on the album and it still did well. Had they continued with About A Girl with Keisha it probably would've hit #1.

    That was an exciting time to be a fan until Keisha left.
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  4. If anyone has a presale code they don’t want to use, my DMs are open.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Even as uninspiring as the music was, it was still super elevated by her vocals.
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  6. I’d have to disagree and say that Sweet Seven was doomed either way, and probably would have done just as worse had Keisha stayed. By Keisha being replaced it gave the album mega publicity and attention, which even that was not enough to save the album when Jade arrived. Catfights was an indication that the public were getting over the sugababes, and the spark from the girls was fading. For me, it was a blessing Keisha wasn’t part of that album for two reasons (sweet seven era was just an awful flop and we got MKS to heal their past and work together).
  7. It doesn’t even show a code anywhere in my mail?!

    Good luck everybody. I am in the US so will get up at 5 for this.
  8. On mine it’s just a link not a code
  9. Some kind person has put all the hoopla performance on one video

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  10. I didn't realise London Records is managed by Polydor Records, the label MKS were sign to. Surely that should mean releasing their Sacred Three material should be fairly straight forward?
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  11. Yeah, like @dell321, it’s just a private link?

    See you at the “also in the US middle of the night ticket club.”
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  12. Are there venues with fix seats? The ones I checked only have areas.
  13. So after being certain I had the artist presale link - I only have the Ticketmaster one for tomorrow. *sad*
  14. Didn't London splinter? I've been under the impression that a French independent label controls the One Touch era material (along with Siobhan's Revolution In Me).
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  15. Can somebody be so kind to give us a heads up on ticket prices once presale starts soon!
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  16. Someone posted that they were £47 the other day, I think.
  17. I'm planning my entire morning around getting these tickets.
  18. Can anyone suggest the best area to get tickets for the 02 in glasgow? Realised I’ve never been!!!
  19. I'm so tempted to see them again. If I would get a ticket for Manchester, would some PJer come along with me? Are you going @Lapras ?
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