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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. 3.5?
  2. I have always felt awful for Jade. She seems like a really lovely person but the material for Sweet 7 really let them down. Not just her but the band as a whole. There are some gems there but it's not really the Sugababes sound. And then, on top of that, to be replacing a founding member in such a wild and shady manner is unfair to all parties involved. If Keisha had left on her own, maybe things could have been different...

    I don't know. She has an amazing voice, it's a shame we couldn't have heard it blend with Amelle and Heidi with far better material and under better circumstances that were not so tainted.
  3. Why was “Run For Cover” even a bonus track? Just seemed a bit nonsensical.
    3 = “New Year”, “Soul Sound”, “Follow Me Home”
    .5 = “Angels with Dirty Faces” since it was a Double A-side with “Stronger”, which is on the compilation.

    I was being technical with the amount of Singles they had released at that time, ddd.
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  4. She made a choice. Accepting a spot in a band with no openings is wild and invites a shadier situation.
  5. I don't know the entire story, admittedly, but I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the management had lied to her about the circumstances to get her to sign. But who knows.
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  6. Chucked what?
    Or chucked up?
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  7. Didn’t Jade say she was flying out unaware of who she was replacing?
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  8. Oh right haha, I was trying to figure out how they'd included half a song on the CD ddd.
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  9. Is Sweet 7 on Spotify? Here in Canada, it's the only album of theirs that is missing. It's only available for me on Deezer or YouTube
  10. I mean you ain’t really missing out on anything to be honest
  11. Haha chuckled although I could have chucked up when I read new music will come soon
  12. Imagine being 21(!) years old and getting and offer to become a part of the Sugababes (an act as you, an aspiring singer, probably listened to in your teenage years and somewhat looked up to). The situation was definitely shaky even then without the retrospective hindsight but it wasn’t something you could realistically easily decline. There were many involved parties to blame but Jade is hardly one of them. Oh well.
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  13. I remember being a somewhat gleeful at the online bashing of her at the time, which I now regret. I got caught up in the online whirlwind a bit I guess.

    I've replaced people at work who were on their way out and didn't know it yet (twice) and it really is the hardest way to start a new job/role. You don't get to celebrate it, a lot of people are riled up and whatever the relationship you have with the person you replaced is forever tainted. At least in my case, both times it was just a job that a maximum of about 50 people were directly/indirectly affected and had relevant opinions on; not a job that it would be reasonable to assume a few million people would have a comment to make about.
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  14. An interesting thing about the interview is her suggestion there were things she'd like to talk about in relation to how she was brought in, which she'd like to discuss "when she can". Or am I reading into it too much...?

    The whole scenario was a mess, but typical of how management and industry treated girls like this. Id forgotten how young Jade was too. It's not surprising to me she wouldn't have known who she was replacing, or that she thought she was going to just meet the girls and see if it clicked and turned up to basically find she was starting work. I can see why it might sound like 'that's not possible', 'she had a choice and could have said no', 'she knew what she was doing' are obvious responses but they miss the way the industry was still treating young women. Of course she wasn't going to say no, and I'd be pretty certain she was told in no uncertain terms if she didn't agree they'd make sure she wouldn't have any career at all.

    But then I'd lived through all the Honeyz drama and what First Avenue put those girls through, so I'm very reluctant to place any criticisms or blame at the feet of any of the girls.
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  15. OMG, I LOVE!
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  16. I don’t think it was mentioned (unless I’m blind) but yesterday marked 10 years since this happened.

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  17. ultimate Sugababes posted these 72E94571-A619-4996-AAA5-A4E871D6FFBC.jpeg

    How adorable!!!!

    Anyone know why you can’t use or access One Touch tracks on Instagram anymore?
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  18. Anyone seeing the girls at Standon Calling tomorrow and/or York Races on Saturday?
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  19. What time are the girls on at Standon today?
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