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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I will choose violence if this has nothing to actually to do with the Sugababes and the “keeps your eyes peeled” is in relation to the tiktok account in general.
  2. kal


    thread doesn't get moved to Pop & Justice soon.
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  3. LIVID. How dare they.
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    We have discussed this as the whole mod team, we are not moving the thread quite yet. Hopefully SOON!
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  5. I think they just hashtagged this morning because that’s where the clip is from
  6. It was This Morning’s tiktok that posted it.
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  7. I have a question Sugacigs, if
    I decided to not go for this tour - how likely am I gonna get the chance to see them again?

    The Newcastle date is tempting my ass but I don’t wanna be broke.
  8. Just sitting here, doing work on my computer to a soundtrack of an electric fan and relative calm and quiet.

    ...and then my brain summons Keisha from out of nowhere:
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  9. kal


    Not going to the Sacred Three tour is one of my biggest regrets in life. At the time I just thought “I’ll just go to their next tour in a year or so”. 9 years later, I’m not taking any chances.
  10. I'm almost certain they'll be doing festivals and Prides again next summer, particularly if they've got new material out next year. I'd be very surprised if they went radio silence again now they're out doing shows and making a bit of cash, but.. we know what happened last time.

    A few of the regional dates almost certainly won't sell out given the price point so there might be competitions/offers to get them filled out nearer the time. I wouldn't rush to buy a ticket right now if you can't afford it.
  11. It’s not the concert ticket I can’t afford, it’s the flight ticket from Asia to Europe/Newcastle haha. I know exactly what @kal is saying tho, that’s my biggest regret too and I’m firm believer of seizing the moment. They’re in my bucket list of acts that I just have to see live.

    But thanks for letting me know @bestinase! Also, I didn’t know there were M & G packages…YAS!
  12. With these girls I'd never take any chances. Things are looking positive at the moment but we've been burned too many times.
  13. kal



    The post where I just said I will keep moaning until the thread is moved is “combative”? I have to laugh at this moderator incompetence. It just keeps piling up.
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  14. I mean this in the politest way but you need to get over it. Your posts are combative. The more you act like a child, the less likely you'll get your way. Also, how on earth are the mods incompetent just because they're not doing what you want? Grow up.
  15. kal


    How about they start following the guidelines they’ve set themselves, as I’ve requested multiple times already. How is it competent to have guidelines that are applied to some, but not others? And how is it combative to expect a straight answer to this simple question when all I’m given is a runaround? Frankly, it’s ridiculous.
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  16. Go outside and touch some grass. It's a forum. It doesn't matter where you click to receive news about the Sugababes.
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  17. kal


    Ah, and you’re the one that just called me childish. Get a life.
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  18. Kal asked you some legitimate questions and you choose to come back with... this?

    I'm pretty sure that demanding straight answers and questioning the compliance of guidelines is the opposite of "acting like a child"?
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  19. Personally with *gestures around* stuff going on I'd be... cautious to book long haul flights to any tour right now, particularly if you're feeling the pinch, but yes – this jaunt is likely to be pretty celebratory. If you can somehow find good deals with fully refundable options then it is absoluetly worth looking into, but I would be hesitant to book anything that expensive that you can't get your money back on if something happens.
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