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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. GCZ


    This song is still a bop

  2. I like the vocals of Heidi and Keisha on this:
  3. I’m guessing there are no plans to release Angels, Three or Taller on vinyl? Angels is one of my biggest wants on Vinyl, it was the first album I bought and I have so many memories attached to that era.
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  4. Who is messing with their Wikipedia page?? I can’t.
  5. I don’t know what I was expecting when I went over to read it but… it wasn’t that
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  6. This was an absolute roller coaster to read.
    Screenshot (2674).png
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  7. I risked it all for Primavera 2022 and got Covid at the tail end when I came home and was rendered broke for that two months after so I think I'll be fine, but you're right. I'll think about it, but the original three is something I really don't wanna miss out on seeing live. I hope some good fans will be giving us HD quality tour recordings like Lauuiiiiii with The Chromatica Ball.
  8. I guess when people are banned from posting in this thread they end up having to use their energy elsewhere. (I'm just joking, not actually accusing anyone of anything)
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  9. No Lesbian Party, though...
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  10. What would you do if Sugababes came knocking on your door, invited themseleves in and done a mimed performance of their newest single?

    The poor girl looks like she's about to have a heart attack
  11. Enough, Georgina!
  12. I had completely forgotten about Georgina and Lesbian Party - peak PJ Sugababes chat. The twists that that had with her divorce etc. Such iconic times. I hope she's well and living her best divorcee life.
  13. I can't imagine performing half of their songs to an audience that young.

    It's freaky but I'm ready for this bumpy ride
  14. Pop pizza was another iconic Three-era promo featuring bewildered children

  15. 'Where's the blond hair' scream
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I really wish that "Today" being performed is a signal for what's to come on tour. To hear some sneak peeks at their upcoming ideas/plans would be everything, especially since the Glasgow date is the last one on the tour.
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  17. I watched again and poor Heidi mortified, straight after telling the child “here, here it is” *points at cheese strings* - seriously what queens.
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  18. Saving the best for last! I cannot wait to see them!
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  19. just wish they would throw us a little bone and release it
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  20. I remember this!!! And I knew it was In The Middle that they performed too!
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