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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. I spontaneously drove to Brighton yesterday to see Mutya at a Pride event. She did the following set:

    • Push The Button
    • Round Round
    • Angel of Mine (Monica cover)
    • Real Girl
    • Song 4 Mutya
    • *ENCORE* Flatline
    As usual I was at the front and I got to "sing" parts of Push The Button, Real Girl and Song 4 Mutya. After the show she asked someone at the venue to come and find me so I could go upstairs for a chat. She gave me a tshirt that had "Sugababes" on the front and "Real Girl" on the back and she signed it for me. We talked about the tour (I told her they need to sing Beat Is Gone) and about being born in 1985 and being from almost the same area of London. Iconic night honestly.
  2. Hope there was a push for Red Dress and In The Middle
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  4. giphy.gif
  5. Haha trust me I know, but she sings the Monica version.
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  6. She should be singing U Should've Known Better anyway.
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  7. What She really should be Singing is Never gonna dance again! Everyone would go wild!

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  8. This thread is exhausting.
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  9. Sorry you feel that way. But always dreamed of her singing that song. It’s a classic!
  10. I think had you told us a few months back the girls would have sung About You Now the response would have been similar.

    Given Mutya recorded this, it’s not too out there. I agree the chances are slim, but we can have things on our wish list.

    Yes, this thread is exhausting - particularly those who shoot others down for wanting something that doesn’t suit their own agenda.

    We are all here with our common interest of Sugababes, can we at least just keep that in our focus.

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  11. My ‘agenda’ is to discuss the current Sugababes and their upcoming tour. Not to constantly go on about them performing 3.0 songs or combine for an all six tour.

    We can’t even have one page discussing Mutya’s pride gig without going in to dream performances from other line ups. Hence the exhaustion.
  12. Talk about a dream gig. So happy for you!!

    I love how friendly the girls are being with fans. It's really heart warming to see some of the most loyal PJ fans having such meaningful interactions with them.
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  13. For a band with such a strong singles collection, these are damn impressive album tracks.
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  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    How did she react to the mention of Beat Is Gone, was she happy to acknowledge the leaked material is out there and that people love it?
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  15. She agreed that it's a great song and that she cried when they recorded it. I also mentioned Love Me Hard and Only You as songs I'd love to hear live.
  16. Bless you. You're doing the lord's work.
  17. I remember first hearing Ace Reject on the album sampler and it didn't quite click for me...then the album came out and I heard the proper version that keeps you waiting over two minutes for the chorus, and suddenly it all made sense.
  18. I was today years old when I discovered Siobhan did Rent with my Mum's future son in law Luke Evans. I have no choice but to stan forever.
  19. Oh I would love for Song 4 Mutya to appear on the Tour. Even just a snippet of it.
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  20. The girls will be performing from 13.15 - 14.00 on the Victorious Festival. Let's goooo
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