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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Crowd are loving it.

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  3. Caught them in a nice moment

  4. That’d be such a swell DVD cover.
  5. The first full length recording from their Margate gig (Push The Button) has popped up.
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  6. Absolutely amazing gig. Just before the gig I put a clip of me and my best friend (who won that Windows 7 competition for 4.0 to sing at his 21st!) singing a clip of the way Siobhan sings her line in Caught In A Moment. She shared it (it's on her story now) and she messaged me saying "this has full band approval" and a love heart. Needless to say, we were gooped.

    We managed to get second row for the gig and luckily the girls in front of us were shorter so we had a perfect view, as soon as Siobhan saw us and recognised us she was smiling and waving. Keisha sang her Stronger ad libs right at me and she sounded sickeningly good. Mutya was just... cute? Adorable. She gave us a little love also, but Siobhan clocking us throughout living for the various riffs and the nuances of the new band arrangements was just the best thing.

    They are everything and more, and I'm so happy to not only have finally seen them in the flesh but they all gave me and my bestie some individual attention.

    I was a little upset at no Flatline! Today sounded off the chain.

    They looked like they were having a ball. Long may they reign.
  7. No Flatline? I’m surprised. I wonder why they didn’t perform it.
  8. Skipping Flatline but keeping Today seems like a strange decision.
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  9. They probably just get a better crowd response with Today since it's more catchy and festival ready.
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  10. What a beaut. Style queen
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  11. GCZ


    Love that Ferris wheel headpiece that Siobhan is wearing. So chic.
  12. Me whenever I watch “Today” clips and the girls do the kneeling choreo in the beginning

  13. This guy has uploaded great quality videos of some of their margate performances

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  14. Bless him for his amazing footage!

    I just adore how much fun they are having, and how much Siobhan is loving being a Sugababe again. She is glowing!

    Keisha forgetting her words during Ugly again is hilarious.
  15. I don't think Keisha forgot her words? It looked like she switched them up as a joke.
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  16. Nice videos. They do all look really happy.
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  17. This whole Summer festival period is doing them wonders. Reminding everyone how fun they can be as a group and their amazing discography.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. The CHILLS rewatching this. Keisha on her very final "just what you could be" ad lib was pointing at me.
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