Keisha Buchanan: Yes and no… I think we all just had such different outlooks. Before this comeback, the line-up I had the most fun in, you guys tell him.

Siobhán Donaghy: Amelle and Heidi.

Keisha Buchanan: I was able to be a bit more Disney with it.

Siobhán Donaghy: Well I’m glad you said it and not me

This is killing me!

I feel like there is a lot of peace coming from them. As in, they are in peace with their past and are able to celebrate all the moments without being affected by the bad memories.
I wouldn't be surprised about Denial, though.

I really do like to think that Siobhan is canvassing for 'Get Sexy' behind the scenes. I think she’s enjoying the multiverse ness of this all and understands a big pop gag moment. She’s ladylloyds friend after all.

Interesting too that Keisha chose to mention About A Girl and not Get Sexy…

That’s the best interview they’ve done, and I love that Siobhan pretty much said she hates About You Now but it’s fun to do live. Fair!
Figuring out if I can fly over to see the Babes for the tour! The Bournemouth date may work best for me - it seems close enough to London... Anyone have any tips regarding that travel and if there's anything to do there if I stay there for two nights?