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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Nice to see they have started rehearsals… not going to lie, thought there might have been a “what would u like to hear”, though appreciate they might get flooded with Get Sexy or About a Girl.

    Given the summer gigs, we will be in for something special.
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  2. Do we know how these dates are selling? I'm a Nottingham girl and was amazed when they announced Motorpoint Arena, so I'm not surprised if this one is struggling a little. Selfishly thrilled I get to go, though.
  3. Did anyone receive their meet and greet tickets yet for Brighton?
  4. Siobhan being sweet
    Asset 2.png
  5. Getting early Mabez from this! Really, really liking her.
  6. I would imagine that the arenas will be half arenas.
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  7. Weirdly for Nottingham, rather than moving the stage forward, they’re only having seating on the sides (Blocks 4-6, 14-16) and not having the front on/curved view blocks on sale - I guess this gave them the option to add them if it had sold better than they imagined, but also gives them a larger standing floor, which is handy if they thought they’d sell significantly more standing tickets!
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  8. A Sugababes track was used as a lip-sync song in the Drag Race UK’s last episode!
  9. kal


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  10. 2 HEARTS!
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  12. I’ve literally got goosebumps, girls.

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  13. Preaching to the choir but I so would love some new music.
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  15. How beautiful. This tour is going to be everything. Hoping I get to meet some of you girlies at one of the many dates I’m going!
  16. They must be doing Ace Reject. Must!
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  17. I will die.
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