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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. You may need to slap me at some point so I don’t pass out.
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  2. Its a great decision to include album tracks too and not just singles and 2 hearts makes a lot of sense as a song that would fit the first lineup vibe. I wouldnt count on Ace Reject though, i feel like they way they talked about it in the last interview makes it very unlikely to happen. Now that i think about it they could do just a medley of few random album tracks but thats still great regardless.
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  3. Who is listening to the song with me right now as well?! Their sheer power.

  4. Almost all of the songs out of 'Three' would make great tracks for 1.0!
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That's literally top 3 on Taller in More Ways. One of their best songs overall.
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  6. Wait do I need to buy a flight from DC to London now? 2 Hearts?!
  7. The way they can just casually bust out the greatest girl group harmonies of all time, stood around in joggers, acapella, unbothered. Nobody comes close.
  8. kal


    I still can't believe I'm seeing them for the 2nd (and 3rd, 4th & 5th fff) time this year. Now that they've teased 2 Hearts, I can comfortably say I would love to see Follow Me Home.
  9. W2K


  10. The way I called it…
  11. Absolutely. Imagine if they did perform that at the London show and Mutya was able to dedicate it live to Tahlia. Correcting history as it was intended, but also how beautiful.
  12. I want an About A Girl/Wear My Kiss mash up. Would be spectacular.
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  13. 2 Hearts?! The ultimate autumnal anthem?!?! Best album track on Taller
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  14. 2 Hearts is gor-jus, but what if... what if they perform Better? As a treat for @Blayke and I?

  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Did anyone already mention 15 years of Change today?
    Just had a replay, really love it and all the autumn memories it triggers. Kinda feel About You Now is a sore thumb between the more mellow midtempo sound of the rest of the album though
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  16. Change is highkey a great Sugababes album.
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  17. Change is a fantastic album with so many melancholic tracks and thats probably why i love it so much. Its also the only Sugababes album where i dont skip a single track. Incredibly underrated.
  18. Lucky British folk. I wish they’d come to Oz!
  19. You know what!? I truly think I’d combust!
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  20. Now that i think about it Siobhan mentioned "Delicatessen song" in the last interwiew and i thought it was odd that she knew that one bit of a technically random song for her. But now that we know they're doing 2 hearts maybe she knew the delicatessen bit because she was learning the lyrics for Joy Division. Both are Cameron McVey songs from Taller if i remember correctly so maybe thats not a coincidence, maybe they're doing them both.
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